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Carne William Ross

Carne William Ross, Former British diplomat; Exec director of Independent Diplomat; writer

 Astonishing question.  But just to set the record straight (again).  I was the UK’s WMD and Iraq specialist for the UK mission to the UN from 1998-2002.  I was steeped in the intelligence on WMD.  I read a thick folder of intelligence reports every day.  I was the diplomat primarily responsible for setting up the UN weapons inspection body, UNMOVIC.  I took part in every UK-US bilateral meeting on Iraq during this period, and was part of the small team of officials who reviewed so called JIC (Joint Intelligence Committee) summaries of all available intelligence about Iraq’s WMD before they were submitted to the UK cabinet.  I have now testified to the two official inquiries in the UK into the war, the so-called Butler and Chilcot Inquiries.  I resigned from the British diplomatic service after giving evidence (then secret) to the Butler Inquiry.  If you want the details, please read my testimonies.  You can find them on my website here:
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