What political changes do we need?


by Richard – Jan. 22nd 2016

The U.S. Constitution spells out the process by which formal changes can be made to it via amendments, and at least two have been proposed since the last, the 27th was ratified in 1992. Many commentators have suggested specific changes that are necessary to keep the Constitution up to date with modern and future conditions. The following are fifteen more or less common elements mentioned, in loose rank order.

  • Campaign finance changes – (lots of different options suggested)
  • Abolish the electoral college, and make the popular vote the final determinate
  • Independently created congressional districts – ban gerrymandering practices
  • Apply strict term limits for all political positions, and mandate inactivity period for those seeking to become lobbyists
  • House of Representative term to increase to four years congruent with Presidential terms
  • National, Primary, and General Elections to be held on Saturdays
  • Presidential appointments must be voted up or down within 60 days
  • All citizens duly registered with the Federal Government are automatically qualified to vote
  • No person, or State can argue for exemption from Federal laws
  • There is a right of all citizens to basic universal health care
  • There can be no secret courts in any dominion. All judicial hearings must be open to public inspection.
  • Legal personhood is reserved for individual human beings, no artificially created entity can be held to be a person in law
  • Second amendment must be changed to add “…when serving in the militia” to the phrasing
  • Eliminate filibusters, or at minimum requires actor to “hold the floor” during entire period the filibuster is active
  • Require minimum participation performance activity by all office holders
  • Strengthen laws and rules regarding bribery, extortion, libel, and false testimony by office holders
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