What do WingNuts -believe-

award_ec A Big List of WingNut Ideas as seen by others…

1)     America was founded on Christian principles of love and tolerance and Republicans reserve the right to kill or torture anyone who thinks otherwise
a.      America has the freedom of religion, except for religions Republicans don’t like
2)     Any time science contradicts religion, then it must be the science that is wrong
a.      Vaccinations cause autism
b.     HPV vaccinations for girls will only cause them to have sex
c.      HPV vaccinations should be illegal because it is ALWAYS preferable that young girls get cancer rather than have sex
d.     There is no global climate change, even though 97 percent of climate scientists believe there is and those that don’t are paid primarily by the oil and coal industry
e.     There is no evolution, the world was made by God 6000 years ago so “The Flintstones” was historically accurate – men could actually ride on dinosaurs
f.       Fluoride in the water is mind control by Democrats with good teeth
g.      Stem cell research is against God’s will unless it can help a sick Republican
h.     American men never really landed on the moon – it was all staged
i.        Ghosts and witches are real but science is fake unless it supports a Republican’s position
j.       Overfishing doesn’t drive fish to extinction and any scientific research that says it does is junk science
k.      Any attempt to educate Americans to the harm of childhood obesity is creeping socialism and fascism
l.        Homosexuality is a lifestyle choice and is not genetic therefore it’s ok to ridicule fags
m.   Second hand smoke from cigarettes is harmless and in fact, is probably beneficial
n.     All funding for science that is found to contradict religion MUST be eliminated
o.     Since God said there is only life on earth we shouldn’t spend any money seeking for life anywhere else in the Universe because, ipso facto, there IS no life anywhere else
p.     We KNOW the Bible is the unerring word of God because the Bible tells us so
q.     The forced medical experiments and treatments on people against their will by the Nazis was horrible torture, but it’s acceptable to force women considering abortion to have an ultrasound wand rammed up their vagina against their will, even if it means strapping them to the gurney.
3)     Republicans are more deserving than poor people or Democrats and should get special consideration

4)     Homosexuals should not be allowed to serve in the military and hurt unit cohesiveness and the thousands of them already fighting for America on foreign soil should be ridiculed, dishonorably discharged and not allowed to receive any benefits for their wounds or deaths
5)     Republicans are compassionate and believe they should step OVER the homeless, not ON them, because it is easier to ignore them that way.
6)     If people are poor it’s because they deserve it and should be punished for being poor. If they are punished enough, eventually they will either find ways to not be poor or they will die of starvation, and in either case, it’s a win-win.
7)     Education should always be managed by the Church to protect our youth from learning to think
a.      Any time science contradicts the Bible it MUST be the science that is wrong
b.     To prevent youth from straying from the Church we must codify religious beliefs into secular law
c.      The US was founded on Christian principles, even if there is no history to back that up and lots of documents that contradict this belief
d.     People and documents, like Thomas Jefferson and the Treaty of Tripoli, that specifically state the US was not founded on Christian principles should be marginalized or destroyed
8)     Pollution equals prosperity. There should be no restrictions on where industry should dump its waste
9)     War means jobs and jobs are more important than peace or a clean environment
10)  If a species of animal goes extinct, it’s not because of over-hunting by humans but because of God’s will
a.      If we hunt or poison a plant or animal to extinction we can always pray to God for him to restore it…and if it doesn’t happen, it means God doesn’t think it’s important enough to restore therefore we should never worry about it either
11)  If a natural disaster happens, it’s not because of physics or scientific law but because God is punishing those people affected by the disaster, especially if they are in Democratic regions
a.      Republican regions affected by disasters should be bailed out immediately, but emergency relief for Democratic regions or states MUST be banned to avoid creeping socialism or to reduce the Federal deficit
12)  Telling lies is the right of Republicans; getting blamed for being liars is the role of Democrats
13)  Marriage must only be between one man and one woman because the Tradition that women are the property of men must be kept sacred
a.      This rule only has one exception – and that is for Republicans in Utah where Marriage is only between one man and up to as many women or young girls as he can score
14)  Morality applies only to Democrats: Republicans are allowed cheat on their spouse, see hookers, take bribes, invade other countries and be gays getting blowjobs in restrooms but we will always scream about Democrats when they get caught. Republicans who get caught deserve compassion, understanding and rehabilitation.
15)  Women are precious and should always be protected by staying in the house and taking care of their men – the Republican Credo on Equality of the Sexes: “Make me a sammich, bitch, and shut up!”
16)  Abortion is wrong and should be illegal except in the case where it might harm the career of a Republican man, in which case the woman should be FORCED to have an abortion even if she doesn’t want it
a.       in any case, the man should NEVER have to pay a nickel  of child support for the kid and she should not be allowed any public funding support — that will teach the bitch to keep her slut legs closed even if her bastard starves.
b.     Abortion is bad but it’s more bad when white babies are aborted and somewhat less bad when Latin babies are aborted and almost not a bad thing at all when Black babies are aborted.
c.      All human life has value and when a child is in danger we will move heaven and earth to save and protect it. Unless the child is non-white, then we’ll work on a “best effort” basis. Maybe.
17)  It is always better to allow the entire country to fail than to see a Democrat succeed, indeed, it is the duty of Republicans to force the country to fail rather than to let a Democrat succeed.
18)  Using taxpayer funds to support healthcare at home is rampant socialism bordering on fascism but blowing trillions on foreign wars is acceptable capitalism
19)  Republicans are never racists, and all lazy niggers, illegal spics, suspicious chinks, terrorist towel heads and cheap kikes should wise up to this fact
20)  It is the Republican goal to convince all niggers, spic, chinks and kikes to vote for our Big Tent Party, because Republicans love everyone, especially at election time
21)  All Americans are created equal but Republicans are more equal than anyone else and deserve more consideration – the Republican Credo of Equality: “After Me, You’re First!”
22)  The Army was made for poor people and Democrats. The Defense Credo of the Republicans: “Let’s you and him go fight!”
23)  Any time the media prints a story about Republicans getting caught taking bribes, getting blowjobs in restrooms, wearing diapers with hookers or calling Africa a country, it’s because of liberal bias
24)  Welfare should be abolished because it is ALWAYS better to let children, the disabled and the elderly starve to death than for us to waste taxpayer money on the few people who actually scam the system
25)  Capital punishment is necessary even if innocent people are executed because they still serve as an example of what can happen to you (if you’re not Republican) and that’s far more important than their innocence
26)  Any Republican politician knows far more about the economics of running the country than any economist or researcher who has spent their entire lives studying it, therefore, any time an economist contradicts a Republican, it is the economist who is wrong
27)  Welfare is a scam and all poor children, retards, crippled and elderly people should be drug tested and forced to work for any handouts that we provide out of our infinite generosity and pity and these moochers should be ridiculed at every opportunity
a.      Those on welfare or food stamps are somehow “damaged” and should be ridiculed and treated as second class citizens – they are never as valuable as Republicans
28)  In America, everyone gets to vote and since corporations are people, they get to vote too and their votes count more because they give us more money
a.      We MUST insure the security of voting by forcing voter ID cards on people, especially the people who are least likely to be capable of getting an ID, like the elderly, poor and black, since those people tend to vote Democrat
29)  Subsidies for farmers and farm corporations in Republican districts is a right but Social Security for the elderly is a socialist boondoggle that MUST be eliminated so that we can create more subsidies for Republican farm corporations
30)  Ronald Reagan proved that “Deficits don’t matter” except when Democrats are in office, then they are worse than the Devil and Democrats are destroying America with their evil deficits, even though 2/3s of all US debt was made by Reagan, Bush 1 and Bush 2
31)  All illegal immigrants are bad, except for those working for Republicans and  for less than minimum wage
32)  Title IX is a crime that must be reversed because no silly woman’s sport will ever be equal to a real man’s sport like Football, so why should we waste money on any woman’s sport?
a.      A Constitutional Amendment is required preventing women from EVER playing on men’s sport’s teams, to protect their femininity, their weak bodies and their hymens, which Republicans have a right to harvest at pre- and post-game booze parties
b.     Republicans are NEVER sexist because the bitches HATE that
33)  The Confederacy was all about State’s Rights, not about slavery and people and documents like “The Cornerstone Speech” that the Confederacy and Civil War were all about Slavery should be marginalized or destroyed and certainly never taught in school
34)  Political Correctness is wrong and it should ALWAYS be ok to call people wops, niggers, kikes, spics, retards, gay, faggots, lesbos, feebs and anything else we want, not only because it’s funny but because it’s what they are
35)  It is well understood that blowing trillions of dollars on any war, even one we lose, is acceptable Capitalism but spending money on the poor, healthcare or even fixing bridges and schools is unacceptable socialism or communism (unless the bridge or school being fixed is in a Republican district)
36)  The American Disability Act should be abolished because adversity builds character and those crips, feebs and blind people should just keep their hands out of my pocket and work harder to pull themselves up,  just like my daddy did before he died and left me all that money
37)  Blacks and other minorities caught with large quantities of drugs MUST be punished to the full extent of the law but Republicans caught taking drugs, selling drugs or with large quantities of drugs deserve the utmost compassion and as much rehab as possible, at the taxpayer’s expense
38)  It’s a proven scientific fact that God was a white man and anyone who professes otherwise or depicts God as black or a woman should be punished severely
39)  Everyone on Welfare and Foodstamps and other aid is a lazy crook (most likely Black) stealing from the taxpayer, especially the cripples, retards, blind, feeble, elderly and children who have their hands in the pockets of every good, hardworking Republican
a.      Dog food is a perfectly healthy and cheap source of nutrition for the poor and elderly so there is no need for any kind of food stamp program, which is just another way for people to have their hands the pocket of every Republican
40)  Republicans stand shoulder to shoulder in fervent support of Israel, even though the evil Jews killed our Lord and control all the banks and left wing media and should be gassed
41)  As Ron Paul said, sick Americans without insurance should turn to the Church for assistance. Prayer has been known to cure some problems and if it doesn’t, the Church will pray over their body.  And if they are dead, they are less of a burden on the economy.
42)  Any problem in America can be fixed by Tax Cuts for the Rich. If a tornado blows down a town in Kansas, cutting taxes for the rich will make new roads and phone poles magically emerge from the earth. If we are attacked by a foreign enemy, tax cuts for the rich will cause ships, planes and tanks to fall out of the sky to protect us
43)  Any education policy implemented by the Nation should never include Critical Thinking teaching for our children because teaching kids to think will undermine parental authority and religious teachings.
44)  A Republican’s fake medals, like those worn by George W. Bush that he never earned, are more worthy of respect than real medals earned by Democrats, like the Purple Hearts worn by John Kerry
45)  Any time a Democrat wins an election it is the result of voter fraud
46)  The Right to Bear Arms exists so that patriotic Americans can overthrow any democratically elected Democrat who might be in office
a.      The Second Amendment allows all Americans, including children, to own quad 37 millimeter anti-aircraft guns, and even ballistic missiles and the sooner we are all so armed the safer we will all be
b.     It is better to allow children in school to be armed and create free-fire zones in the event of a Columbine-like incident than it is to outlaw guns in school. The same is true for the workplace, churches, supermarkets and day-care centers.
47)  It is necessary to force school children to say the Pledge of Allegiance at school even though it conflicts with the Constitution, forces them to pray to a God they might not believe in and requires them to enter into an illegal, binding moral contract that they may neither understand nor believe in
a.      It’s necessary to force children to pray in school to a Christian god they may or may not believe in because the churches are failing and we have to help the churches brainwash children into blindly accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior without doing any critical thinking
48)  It’s totally acceptable for Fox News to sue the FCC to protect their explicit right to lie and deceive their viewers but news outlets that attempt totell the truth, especially about Republican Senators wearing diapers while visiting hookers (for example) are all filled with liberal bias
49)  Republicans believe Prostitution is an evil and disgusting use of our precious females and should be prohibited at all times. That being said, if a Republican hires a hooker and she refuses to put out, it’s legal to shoot them dead. The hoes need to be shown who’s boss and stop laughing at our tiny dicks.
50)  Freedom of Speech is the first and most important of the Amendments except where that speech interferes with Republicans getting their way
a.      Flag burners should be jailed immediately because burning the flag is “different” than other speech
b.     Any institution that tells the actual truth about Republican actions is automatically guilty of “liberal bias”
c.      It is ok for Republican news outlets to lie or make up stories that make Democrats look bad because that is free speech, but any Democrats who do that should be punished for libel

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