Vulture Capitalists Love It When We Focus On The Insignificant

by Richard @ Flexible Reality – Sep. 17th, 2016

A quick survey of the expressed concerns of Americans reveals a startling fact: we pay an inordinate amount of attention to the insignificant, and ignore the truly important issues. Vulture capitalists love it when we focus on the latter since it mitigates any focus we might expend on areas where they have skin in the game. For example, do you honestly believe the Koch Brothers give a flip about whether Pres. Obama is a Muslim or American born? Whether the CEO of Goodwill is involved with the abortion issue? Whether the Pastor of one of the Mega-Churches has any concern with Comcast’s monopoly over internet access? No, and hell no. Let’s stop being gullible wasting time and talent on minutiae, and focus on the real issues. Below is a quick listing of the real, and the phony.


Real Issues Phoney Issues
Pipeline Safety Standing for the pledge
Municipal Drinking Water Quality Abortion & Roe v Wade
Surplus Labor Force Emphasis on Jingoistic  Nationalism
Taxation of Non-Profits English First
Degraded Public Discourse Building Wall on Mexican Border
Monopoly Control of Critical Resources Private Sharing of Music
Decrepit Bridges, Sewers, Power Lines “Political Correctness”
Garrisoning of U.S. Troops Overseas Declining Church Attendance Rates
Treatment of Whistle blowers Voting by Illegal Immigrants
Dysfunctional Public News Disposition of Government eMails
Unstable Banking Systems Android vs IOS
Abysmal Family Savings Rates Lack of respect for the Police
Unregulated For-Profit Schools Teaching Creationism in Public Schools
Private Enterprise Prison System Fair and Balanced News Reports
Open-ended support of Israel Sex Abstinence Classes
Unilateral Military Force Projections Safety of GMO Crops
Unregulated Civil Forfeiture Rules Conspiracy Theories
Addressing Climate Change Issues Forced prayer in Public Schools
Corporate Inversions Future minority status for Whites
Failing National Educational Rates Antipathy to Nuclear Energy
Privatized Military White-washing American History
Sale & Lease of Public Lands Dress Codes
Public Funding of For-Profit Sports Arenas America as the World’s Policeman
Privatizing Public Services Automatic obsequiousness to authority
Destabilized Middle East due to American interventions Virtue of the “Death Tax”
Lack of prosecution of white-collar crimes Kardashian Cleveage
Bundling of proposed legislation in Congress Is Rap Really Music
The Role of Money in Politics Obama ‘birthier’ issue
Fracking & Tar Sands Hazards Iranian Nucleur Capability
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