Thou shalt not make graven images in Islam

Why does Islam forbid images of God or the Prophet?

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In some ways, early Muslims were reacting to Christianity, which they believed had been led astray by conceiving of Christ not as a man but as a God. They did not want the same thing to happen to Mohammed.

“The prophet himself was aware that if people saw his face portrayed by people, they would soon start worshiping him,” Akbar Ahmed, who chairs the Islamic Studies department at American University, told CNN. “So he himself spoke against such images, saying ‘I’m just a man.’ “
In a bitter irony, the recent violent attacks against portrayals of the prophet are kind of reverse idol-worship, revering — and killing for — the absence of an image, said Hussein Rashid, a professor of Islamic studies at Hofstra University in New York.
While the Quran does not explicitly prohibit depictions of Mohammad, most contemporary Muslims worldwide abide by the ban, based largely on religious rulings by Islamic scholars.
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