This keeps coming back to me – like a bad nightmare…

“First step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one. America is not the greatest country in the world anymore.” –…/why-america-isnt-great_b_16…

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Richard Pressl With entirely different backgrounds and moral focus, Democrats and Republicans, as well as the unaffiliated, believe America is on the wrong track – and each collective is becoming increasingly rigid, mentally and ethically inflexible, and focused solely on holding their ground while blaming others – and actually trying to sabotage any effort toward progressive joint action or purpose.

Richard Pressl

Richard Pressl This is part of the reason why the “powers that be” actually like War – it coalesces National focus on a perceived “enemy” – which works only so long…and only if there is a “victory”…when we lose a War, whether it is a manufactured social one, or a guns and butter one, it really doesn’t matter…we lose part of what we think we are.

Richard Pressl

Richard Pressl Easiest way of seeing how far American has fallen is to see us with foreign eyes – how do people around the World see America? That helps get past the internal/external systems theory issues.

Richard Pressl

Richard Pressl Drones, torture, surveillance, gun rampages, military aggression, high incarceration rates, dysfunctional political system, out-of-control cops, political corruption, religious fanaticism, engineers of worldwide economic distress and damage, crumbling See More

Richard Pressl
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