Thanksgiving Day 2015


Thanksgiving Prayer
(by Richard – Annualized since 11/27/2008)

Today is a special day, dedicated by our expressed appreciation for the bounty of the laboring earth, and all its inhabitants.

We thank those who gave us life, access to liberty, and by our labors – the chance to make the world a better place.

With reverence we embrace the beauty of our planet, the sole celestial traveler within our local spiral galaxy blessed with life.

We cherish the love of family, the strength of dedicated purpose to lofty goals, and to the intricacies of observation, thought, feeling, and performance we experience each day.

May the bounty we embrace strengthen us in health, wisdom, compassion, and courage.

We give thanks to those precious friends who have passed before us, and remember them anew.

We offer our prayers for all of good heart, and silently hope for God’s justice to any who abuse the innocent.

May you continue to walk in sunlight, and marvel in the blessings we are privileged to experience.

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