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by Richard @ Flexible Reality – Nov. 2, 2016

Today’s Washington Post lead article was their recent poll which showed Trump and Clinton are in a virtual tie for the General Election. The Federal and State Governments have sent para-military police and dogs onto Native American tribal lands in support of a pipeline on ancestral burial grounds. Almost all comedians have strongly denounced and decried the prospect of a Trump Presidency. After decades of leading the World in countless measures in the Post World War II era, America now trails most first-tier nations in everything except military spending and total size of the economy.

Whether one considers infant mortality, educational attainment, income inequality, infrastructure condition, debased culture, public service provisioning, condition of public resources such as air and water, levels of obesity, social group antagonism, or the increasing levels of surplus labor, the fact remains that America, that shining city on the hill is no more realistic than 44DD boobs.

Which brings me to the point of this article – is it seriously time to consider relocating to another country, and if so where, and how. One simple measure of how ready a person is to becoming an expat, is whether or not they hold a valid passport. Without one it’s not possible, except perhaps by private boat.

Fortunately for Americans we have two neighboring countries with common land borders: Canada, and Mexico. Each country has superior social benefits, and some atypical drawbacks. Canada remains the easiest alternative, based on language, culture, history, and ethnicity. However, for retirees Mexico has one huge advantage: the cost of a middle class lifestyle in Mexico is about half the cost of the typical American version, and by intelligent location selection the menace of crime and dysfunction can be moderated if not eliminated.

(to be continued…

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