MoveOn endorses Bernie for POTUS

Dear MoveOn member,

It’s official: MoveOn members have voted to endorse Bernie Sanders for president. Now, with your help, we will mobilize and help him win.

After more than 340,000 ballots were cast in a four-day membership vote, Bernie Sanders has earned our endorsement with an overwhelming 79% of votes cast, far more than the 67% threshold required for an endorsement. That’s the best-ever performance of any presidential candidate in MoveOn’s 17-year history.

This vote was not only decisive, but participation was broad-based, with more ballots cast than any other endorsement vote in MoveOn’s history.

It’s no surprise that Bernie Sanders has earned overwhelming support from MoveOn members. The issues his campaign is raising—tackling economic inequality, ending corporate influence over our politics, breaking up too-big-to-fail banks, expanding Social Security, fighting climate change, avoiding senseless wars, and more—are the same issues that MoveOn members have been fighting for for years.

Now, with just 20 days until voting begins in the 2016 presidential primary, we’re adding our millions of collective voices in support of this historic campaign.


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Here’s what a few MoveOn members had to say about why they voted to endorse Bernie:

“I have never been as excited about a candidate as I am about Bernie Sanders. His liberal values match my own values more closely than any other candidate. I respect Bernie Sanders’ independence from corporate influence. His focus on social justice and addressing the economic inequality in this country make him the candidate for me.” — Megan W., Poulsbo, WA

“I am an educator. Most of my experience has been with inner-city and working class populations. I voted for Bernie Sanders because I have seen how the poor and working class have been treated so unfairly. I think Bernie Sanders will make sure that everyone is treated fairly. I have been very impressed by his vision for America.”— Paul D., Cincinnati, OH

“I voted for to endorse Bernie Sanders for president because he represents the progressive movement like this organization. His views align perfectly with my own—wealth inequality, a living wage, job creation, Wall Street reform, racial justice, women’s and LBGT rights, college without debt, climate change, and peaceful solutions to prevent war, such as his support for the Iran deal.” — Terri D., Brookfield, WI

“I am a working class homeowner from Des Moines, Iowa. I support Sen. Sanders because campaign finance reform is his top issue. He doesn’t take money from billionaires and does not have a super PAC. Sanders is honest, trustworthy, has been preaching the same message for decades, he has not used his position in government for personal gain, is not an opportunist, and will not be bought by any lobbyist or special interest group.  He owes favors to no one except the million or so individual donors who support his campaign.” — Aaron W., Des Moines, IA

“His refusal to accept the status quo of the wealthiest Americans using their power to influence politicians matters to me. If we’re going to push back against the rising oligarchy in our country, we need people like Bernie Sanders representing us in government.” — Matt R., Reston, VA

Are you in? Let us know what you can do to in these next two weeks to help Bernie Sanders win the nomination.

The corporate media and D.C. pundits have tried to ignore the movement that’s been building behind the Sanders campaign for months. The massive rallies, record-breaking grassroots fundraising, and thousands of new voters getting engaged for the first time have barely registered over the media obsession with Trump and the Republican horserace.

But a strong showing in the Iowa caucuses or the New Hampshire primary could help catapult Bernie to the Democratic nomination. And recent polls show Sanders with a small lead in both states.1

And looking ahead to November, multiple polls are now showing that Bernie is the strongest Democrat to take on Donald Trump and other right-wing Republicans.2


Together, MoveOn members could be the force that helps boost the Sanders campaign to victory in these critical final weeks. Are you ready to make history?

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This campaign is about a lot more than just Bernie Sanders. It’s about giving people hope and fundamentally changing our politics so that billionaires and big corporations can’t continue rigging the economy against the rest of us.

As we promised in the endorsement vote, now that we’ve endorsed, we’ll run a 100% positive campaign for Bernie Sanders. And we will come together to help the Democratic nominee win and keep a Republican out of the White House in November—no matter who ends up winning the primary.

Thanks for all you do.

—Ilya, Matt, Victoria, Anna, and the rest of the team

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P.P.S. The complete voting results are below. As a reminder only ballots from MoveOn members prior to the start of the vote were counted:

  • Bernie Sanders – 78.60%, 267,749 votes cast
  • Hillary Clinton – 14.62%, 49,811 votes Cast
  • Martin O’Malley – 0.87% – 2,950 votes Cast
  • Do Not Endorse – 5.92% – 20,155 votes Cast
  • Total Valid Votes Cast: 340,665

P.P.P.S. You can read more about why members voted to endorse Bernie Sanders here.


  1. “New Poll: Sanders Moves Ahead Of Clinton In Iowa,” Talking Points Memo, January 11, 2016
  2. “Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Even in Early Races, Poll Finds,” The Wall Street Journal, January 11, 2016

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