Mass shootings: Four or more people dead

There have been 334 days and 351 mass shootings so far this year       
via Wonkblog  November 30 at 7:00 AM
The nation was once again gripped by gun violence on Friday after a gunman {name deleted} stormed a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, killing two civilians and one police officer and injuring nine others.It is just the latest in a year of more-than-daily mass shootings in America. In fact, there had already been one mass shooting on Friday — in the early morning hours, two people were killed and two injured in a shooting at a restaurant in Sacramento, California. Another mass shooting incident in Boston in the early hours of Thanksgiving Day took the life of an MBTA rail conductor.
There have been at least 351 mass shootings so far this year, according to news reports collected by a reddit community that tracks these incidents. The reddit tracker defines mass shootings as incidents in which four or more people, including the gunman, are killed or injured by gunfire. The Mass Shooting Tracker is different from other shooting databases in that it uses a broader definition of mass shooting — the old FBI definition focused on four or more people murdered as part of a single shooting.There were at least 12 mass shootings in the U.S. last week so far, counting the Colorado Springs shooting. That shooting would also be the second mass shooting in Colorado Springs this month.


The number of mass shootings so far this year has already surpassed the total number of mass shootings in 2014, according to the tracker. And the pace iswell above 2013’s pace, when a total of 363 mass shootings occurred.

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