I wish…


“I wish we taught the modern generation the true meaning of “love” and the human race. The love for all people regardless of their religion, race, culture or Political beliefs. The love of justice in the face of injustice.The love of wisdom in the face of ignorance, the love of country in the midst of unpatriotic beings and the love of self in the face of wanna be’s.

I wish we showed them that racism is not something that “Human Beings” should accept or brand. I hope we teach them that character matters more than race. I wish we taught them that “Islam” is not the biggest problem that America faces and vengeance, itself, is harm!

In this time of divides, we have seen what the media can do. It has the power to uplift and break a candidate. In this uncertain times, we must be courageous as Americans and stand for what’s right, not what the media think is.

In this time, President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders or Donald J. Trump will not and can not fundamentally change this country.

It will take you, as an American to liberate your minds from hate, racial divides, injustice, and discrimination. It will take you as an American to rethink Islam, Health Care issues, Free Education for all, Unemployment, Environment and Climate Change, Obesity, Foreign Relations, Illegal Immigration, Equality Between Men and Women, and Individual Liberty vs. Government Control


Henry Johnson Jr, (Good reads quotes)

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