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Susan Pippin  – Dec. 18th, 2015 – on Facebook

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I wanted to let people know why I support Bernie Sanders for President and help the supporters of Hillary know why I CANNOT support her.

I have been working full time since I was 28 years old, even though I worked before that it wasn’t full time and the time in between was being a full time mother of a wonderful son. Since that time, I have been on the same roller coaster ride as many Americans have been on, insecure jobs, fluctuating wages and inadequate, ever changing health care coverage.

This post is about the health care coverage, since my experience with the for profit health care industry is one of the major reasons I support Bernie and his health care for all plan. For the last 30 years, as long as I have worked, I have paid for healthcare. As an employee of Wrangler, we were enrolled in a company funded plan and when I first purchased it, it was a great plan. Over the 12 years I worked for them I watched my coverage go from good to just the bare minimum that they could provide because of the skyrocketing costs. It wasn’t Wranglers fault that healthcare was constantly going up, that was the result of the lobbyists in Congress who kept giving insurance corporations, the pharmaceutical industry and medical care corporations all the tax breaks and favorable legislation that allowed them to continue to raise the cost.

Conservatives blamed the increases on malpractice insurance, but the reality was the malpractice insurance was necessary due to the shorter and shorter amount of time doctors had to spend with their patients due to the insurance industry and the HMO’s they forced doctors into. Prescription coverage was just as hit or miss, especially with the ever changing formularies that determined if your plan called for a medication you needed to be covered or not.

I was on a good medication that helped my breathing (COPD from years of breathing cloth dust and smoking) and it worked for me, but then my insurance changed formularies and stopped covering it. The cost of paying out of pocket for it was my entire food budget for the month, which I could not afford to give up, so I gave up the medication. This medical roller coaster ride is one many families in the nation are on, and it is caused by profiteering. The healthcare industry has found a way to keep the profits flowing in and they really don’t care if we have any real care, as long as they have really high profits.

Bernie’s plan to offer single payer healthcare would be much more economical for me, as it would mean I would get to keep about $3000 of the money I currently spend on insurance premiums and out of pocket expenses, so I could use it to buy food and clothing. I agree with 98% of what Bernie stands for, and him being a Democratic Socialist does not bother me one bit, since I must be one as well if we are that closely matched.

I will work to help him get elected, because I believe he is just what the working people of America need, and not just someone like Hillary who only cares what the rich people who support her want. I have yet to meet a rich person with a real heart, do many of them exist?

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