An extraordinary sermon by John Leland – circa 1791

The Rights of Conscience Inalienable;

and therefore Religious Opinions not cognizable by Law:


Or, The high-flying Churchman, stript of his legal Robe, appears a Yahoo


John Leland (1791)

“There are four principles contended for, as the foundation of civil government, viz. birth, property, grace, and compact. The first of these is […]

The ultimate guide to debunking right-wingers’ insane persecution fantasies

Conservatives love to pretend they’re being denied their religious liberty. Here’s how to prove them wrong

via Salon – Mar. 16, 2014 06:58 AM EDT by ROBERT BOSTON

Glenn Beck, Phil Robertson, Michele Bachmann (Credit: Reuters/Chris Keane/A&E/Karolina Wojtasik/AP/Carolyn Kaster) Excerpted from “Taking Liberties: Why Religious Freedom Doesn’t Give You the Right to Tell […]

Al Gore at the American Constitution Society – Nov. 2003 – Freedom and Security

As Prepared for Delivery By Al Gore – November 9, 2003 FREEDOM AND SECURITY

“Thank you, Lisa, for that warm and generous introduction. Thank you Zack, and thank you all for coming here today

I want to thank the American Constitution Society for co-sponsoring today’s event, and for their hard work and dedication in defending […]