White supremacy then and now

by Richard @ Flexible Reality – June 7th, 2022


Some researchers point to the “massacre” on November 3, 1979, in Greensboro, N.C. as the beginning of the comingling of white supremacists, Christian fundamentalists, Nazis, and anti-government skinheads. After Greensboro came Ruby Ridge, the Branch Davidians, and Oklahoma City, then on to Charlottesville in recent times.

Going back in time we had the White Citizens Councils and the KKK, now we have the Alt-Right. A recurrent theme of the white supremacists then was the Jewish cabal and the government’s failure to support the white race. Then as now, we had a version of the “white replacement” motif. Then the Nation saw David Duke, and now we have Tucker Carlson. It’s all from the same playbook, with the same backdrop of resentment, aggravations, and bigotry with the same implicit acknowledgment of the need for necessary violence.

Sometimes this group aligned with authorities such as in Selma, other times it led to vigilante justice as with Leo Frank. From Little Rock to Birmingham. Some have argued there is something in the American culture that inflates or deflates the white power movement only to see it reappear without a detectable spark. David Lane asserted his radicalization was a result of Vietnam while McVeigh said it was Ruby Ridge, and the Charlottesville’s mob said it was the pending removal of confederate statues. Martin Luther King Jr. suggested all white power protests were vestiges of slavery. But the rise of extremist groups like “The Order” lumped everyone into either the Aryan brotherhood or as an enemy.

Apparently we will continue to see this play out in public, especially if we are unfortunate enough to be subject to Trump or DeSantis in 2024-25.

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