On the Corruption Perception Index

The big three of China, India, and Russia all present themselves as federal secular democratic republics; but in practice, none of them meet the standards for such a label.

At best under Modi, India is a federal republic with a parliamentary system, China is best described as “an autocratic capitalist State with one-party rule”, while Russia can only claim to be a Federal authoritarian state.

All employ similar tactics and operating modes of advice, consent, justice, representation, personal freedom, responsibility, and control. For example, India is only slightly more hospitable to journalists than China, while Russia is on record of eliminating those who do not toe the Party line.

All are jealously nativistic, asserting almost a divinity for their citizens which is not shared with their neighbors. While India has Kashmir, China has Tibet, and Russia has Ukraine. All three have made conquest and integration of the subject areas into the home country a primary goal, while the citizens in these subject areas have adamantly refused to voluntarily join their larger neighbor.

All three have a per capita income rate below the World median. All three suffer from endemic corruption, with none rated higher than 50 (out of a possible 100 point score) on the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index, (CPI). with a ranking for China at 78 from the top, India ranked at 86, and Russia at 129. Incidentally, the US is ranked in 25th position as of 2021.

Included in the least corrupt, in rank order are: Denmark, New Zealand, Switzerland, Finland, Singapore, Sweden. Norway, Netherlands, Germany, and Luxembourg. Our friends to the north come in ranked eleventh in the world.

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