On the notion that America would be better off if we had more nativism

Autocrats like Orban, Modi, Putin, Un, and Xi plus a large segment of the US Right-Wing want to recommend a greater emphasis and cultural focus on the “purity” of their citizens, racially, ethically, and socially.

The 1960’s beat generation emphasized the “melting pot” motif for America; but today’s evangelicals are much more in tune with autocracy than they are with democracy. The following are some considerations if we envision some form of a homogenous society. Biologists and tree-huggers point to a potent flaw in  homogeneity – it lowers the flexibility and adaptability of the organisms to internal and external pressures.

  • Formula One races are predominately won by drivers from the UK (at 14), and Germany (at 11). The US comes in 10th with 2 wins. So cheering for the hometown boys at Sebring is a losing proposition.
  • Without black athletes, who make up 58% of all players, there would be no NFL games as we know it. And then there’s the NBA.
  • Since 1901, there have been 947 individuals recognized as Nobel Laureates. Of those, 432, or 46 percent, have been U.S. based Nobel Laureates; 284 were native-born U.S. citizens and 148 were foreign born. In 2021, seven of the 13 Nobel Laureate winners were from the United States, and five of them were not born in the United States.
  • White’s comprise only 56% of total US Graduate enrollment. Roughly 45% of undergrads in the nation’s colleges and universities are people of color: (POC), while 32% of students in grad school are POC.
  • More than half of all international students in doctoral studies are in STEM fields, whereas their white US brethren are most numerous in education or health care fields
  • Without the input of black musicians rock, jazz, metal and hip-hop would not exist as we know it today.
  • In a survey of chaplains they said roughly 2/3 of the total US inmate population self-identify as Christian.
  • Bilingual adults are often four to five years later than others in developing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.
  • About 43% of the World’s population is bilingual, with a further 17% being multilingual. In the US that rate is 21.6%.
  • The most lingually proficient populace is in the State of California followed closely by Nevada where 30% of the population is at least bilingual.
  • Countries with the lowest rates of multilingualism are the “shit-hole” countries like North Korea, Haiti, El Salvador, and Rwanda.
  • Self-proclaimed Christians who have ever been married and divorced number roughly 33% of the US population, while the Asian segment rate in the same study was 20%.
  • White males make up 69.9% of active duty males in the US military while 16.9% are black males; however a much larger percentage of blacks in the US military are women who make up 28.9% of active duty women.
  • Eight of ten rapes in America are committed by someone known to the victim. Roughly half are committed by a person 30 years or older. A third of all rape perpetrators referred for prosecution had at least one prior felony conviction with over half having at least one prior non-felony conviction.
  • In Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy filings about 96% of debts are discharged with exceptions like for student loans. Discharge rates per capita are 15-20% lower in majority-black zip codes vs white zip codes partially due to blacks choosing Chapter 13 filings and whites choosing Chapter 7 filings.
  • While the Miss Universe pageant is an American creation it has 500 million international viewers. US candidates have won eight contests, Venezuela won seven, Puerto Rico won five, the Philippines won 4, Sweden and South Africa have both won three. Given that the US has a population many times larger than others it should be understood to lower the US ‘per capita’ rates.

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