Not just another donation request

from Rep. Schiff (D) California – Jan. 11th, 2022


“I want to preface this article headline I’m about to share with you with a caveat: Breitbart is a race-bating, despicable mouthpiece for the far-right and those looking to harness the anger of those on the fringes of politics.

That being said… and maybe for that reason, Kevin McCarthy just did an exclusive interview with them. In the interview, McCarthy once again threatened to strip me of my committee assignments in Congress if Republicans win a majority.

Kevin McCarthy Plans to Strip Ilhan Omar off Foreign Affairs, Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff off Intelligence Committee

Here’s the thing, Richard – this may be little more than McCarthy’s usual craven appeal to his base, but it is nonetheless a serious threat. If Donald Trump demands he do something, Kevin does it. And Trump believes that no one has done more to hold him accountable, or was more of a force in bringing about his impeachment than I was. (And I’m proud of it.)

This is yet another reason why a Republican majority must never happen. McCarthy knows that I will never shy away from my committee oversight responsibilities. That I will always stand up to him, and expose his duplicity to the American people.

But there is a far bigger concern than what McCarthy would do to remove Democrats from their committee assignments in an attempt to undermine accountability, and that is this: He will vote to overturn the next presidential election if Trump loses again.

We cannot – and I cannot express this enough – allow Kevin McCarthy to hold the Speaker’s Gavel. We just can’t. We cannot allow the GOP to take the House. It would spell disaster.

If you can, please pitch in anything meaningful to you right now to my re-election campaign. I am going to throw all my weight to ensure I hold my seat in Congress and help Democrats across the country win. I won’t let Republicans take the House without a fight.

If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

Thank you for having my back, and your help in stopping McCarthy. Let’s protect the House Majority, together.

— Adam

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