At trial in the modern age

Unjust but not unexpected

 – by Richard @ Flexible Reality – Nov. 21, 2012

The previous century gave us prior examples such as Leo Frank, Emma Goldman, Sacco and Vanzetti, Rubin Carter, Gordon Hirabayashi, George Zimmerman, and now Karl Rittenhouse.
What these cases have in common is the judicial system picked the winner before the trials began. In the cases of Frank, Goldman, Sacco & Vanzetti, and Hirabayashi their ethnicity, race, or political orientation precluded a fair hearing at the onset.

Recently Zimmerman and Rittenhouse benefitted from gaps in the laws regulating homicide and the use of deadly force by cops, citizens, and vigilantes. The Arbery case in Brunswick has drawn intense scrutiny and rightfully so since the defendants knew Arbery was unarmed and not committing any illegal offense when he was detained by the three defendants.

Similar to Rittenhouse’s false assertion, there was no evidence provided showing “he/they feared for his life” until after he killed Rosenbaum, the first victim. Arbery was not compelled by any legal or other authority to acquiesce to his forcible detention by the three men, and that he, Arbery correctly concluded the men fully intended to inflict bodily harm to him.

So imagine if Arbery had been armed, and after the first shot was fired by one of the three men that Arbery had returned fire and killed two of the men, and injured the other. And then the case went to trial, this time in Clayton County which has a 73% black majority population?

What do you guess would be the outcome of such a trial, and how an acquittal verdict would be treated by average citizens. We will have to await journalistic examination of the charging specifications given to the Rittenhouse jury by the judge to determine if the acquittal was mostly a result of gaps in the law, courtroom proceedings, attorney skills, or whether it was primarily a function of political or societal tribalism.

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