Wrap-up of a perspective on Bannon

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Thursday Oct 21st, 2021 – at 5:57 PM
If Congress cannot do its Constitutional duty to provide checks on those associated with the executive branch, there will never be a means for the House to hold the Executive Branch in check, to prevent the Executive Branch from violating the public trust or not honoring the Constitution. The trump prevented the House from fully doing its Constitutional duty in both of the trump impeachments.

The DOJ which was co-opted by the trump, acted as the trump’s personal attorney, denied the Congress the services of an apolitical special prosecutor and helped the trump rope-a-dope the courts to avoid having to testify or respond to almost any legally executed subpoenas for executive branch testimony or documents.

This was only possible due to the very visible Quid-Pro-Quo relations between the trump and Republican leadership. Political favors, high paying executive branch jobs for their family members and delegation of executive branch authority to stack the courts were given to Republican leaders or family members of the more conservative Supreme Court Justices – these ‘favors’ were doled out in return for the support of the Republican Faction donor’s goals to roll back almost all of the corporate environmental protection regulations, subsidies to support donor corporate interests, and a general dismantlement of most executive agency’s missions.

This is why the framers were terrified that a political party could corrupt itself into supporting its own political interests over the county’s and our people’s interests. The were right!  The trump recognized that the functioning of our democratic governance and all of the agencies that support it depend upon the simple premise that most politicians and other high officers would interact honestly and honorably so there would be no breach of the trust that binds these agencies and institutions together – and that the inevitable few who would not, would simply be ignored.

When a highly regimented political faction marches lock-step in a regimented unison to support their self-serving political interests, the glue that binds our democratic institutions together is greatly weakened. Without honesty, honor and primary duty to their Oath of Office, a political faction cannot be trusted and the glue that holds our government together is weakened.

That is why those that would act to prevent the House from doing its duty must be held to account (and why the Supreme Court should give an immediate priority to address constitutional issues affecting the ability of co-equal branches of government to hold each other in check). The concept of ‘checks and balances is of paramount importance as it is the only Constitutional means for Congress to address issues regarding the breach of public trust by other branches of government.

Allowing the up-the-court, down-the-court multiple transits as the trump employed simply prevents the House from being able to provide even investigatory ‘checks’ in any time frame pertinent to investigate the potential abuses occurring. How long did it take for the courts to rule that McGahn had to honor his subpoena to testify- I think it took close to three years? How long did it take the courts to agree that the trump had to honor public law and turn over his tax returns – another three years?

This rope-a-doping of the courts effectively prevents the House from fulfilling its duties to investigate abuses of the public trust by people affiliated with the executive branch. The House needs to re-assert its legal authority and hold anyone that obstructs its ability to conduct Constitutional oversight to account. Yes, Bannon must comply, Honoring a Congressional subpoena must never just be an option for anyone. Democracy itself depends upon the House being able to fulfill its Constitutional duty to provide oversight and define checks. if needed, for the other branches of government.

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