Business vs Government

by Richard @ Flexible Reality – Dec. 16th, 2020


When done correctly business, government, and religion can be powerful forces for human development and planetary viability. However, each can easily be perverted, misdirected, or become oppressive when used unwisely.

Government is the only one of these which is specifically empowered to regulate the others. Thus, it is in everyone’s best interests to assure the Government does its best for all current and future citizens.

One of the reasons why businesses must be regulated by Government is because private enterprise has no conscience, requires a profit, and is susceptible to quacks and con artists. Consider for example: Hydroxychloroquine, ‎Remdesivir. or snake oil.

My point of reference is how business requisitions knowledge, resources, funding, and support from Government for their concerns, profits from that engagement, and then complain when those assets go elsewhere.

Without Government investments California, Florida, and Texas would not have become high tech centers, they would have remained agricultural, recreational, and extractive industry centers.

State Governments grant huge tax breaks for corporations to build a plant in their State, which benefits all participants…but not equally, or some would say equitably.

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