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Paul Jarrett – Conversation Starter · Yesterday at 11:30 AM
“I hope that people will take COVID-19 more seriously now that the Trumps have tested positive”

Linda Stidd Green wrote: Going to act exactly the same. Everyone will be exposed sooner or later. I work in healthcare and have seen literally hundreds of non covid pts. Been exposed a few times. Don’t care about masks. Often tell my pts to take theirs off when they are hyperventilating- I don’t need them to pass out. I wear masks only when I’m forced to. Period. When I see my pts I am literally over them for at least 20 minutes. I will never be tested as long as I’m asymptomatic. Not required to be. We go out to eat, go to the stores and go on vacation. I know I might get it. Not afraid. God numbers my days not covid.

Richard Pressl wrote: The vast array of COVID masks amply demonstrate how the wearer perceives the prophylactic value of wearing one. The typical cloth and procedure masks are designed to protect OTHERS from infection by the wearer…they in effect say “I am wearing this mask to protect you from infection by me” – which is a very “social” action. When a person chooses not to wear a mask in public it sends an entirely different message much more along the lines of: “I’m doing what I choose to do for myself, and if you are concerned about potential infection from me, then you should make your own arrangements, like upping your mask to N-95 grade”. If a person does not notice the gap between these two social approaches nothing more can be said.

Linda Stidd Green wrote: I have seen almost no one wearing a real N95 mask correctly. Most people have cloth masks often made of thin t shirt material. These cloth masks border on useless for both parties. If it makes you feel better I do believe it helps if a person believes it helps but that’s another subject. But long before politics got involved the science did not back up cloth masks making much difference. Distance and hand washing is better and I can’t do that for someone else. There is nothing wrong with an individual making an informed decision in what is right for them. Anyone should respect that.

Richard Pressl wrote: Due to this Administration’s horrid response to the pandemic the N-95 and KN-95’s masks have not been in adequate supply even for frontline health care workers let alone the general public. Thus the national approach in dozens of countries is for a 2-3 layer cloth mask, with social distancing, and hand sanitization as the only available public health option available. To denigrate cloth masks as not being as effective at filtration as N-95’s is a deflection from the issue…which is and must remain, fixated at decreasing transmission in the general public. The plain and simple truth is any mask which decreases the airborne transmission of COVID is better than no mask at all. Wearing one affirms that reality, choosing not to attempts to deny it.

Buzz Williams wrote: Monday morning quarterbacking is SO easy. Do you find Cuomo’s forcing of COVID positive patients into nursing homes in LATE MARCH equally as “horrid”? That one move is responsible for ~5% of all COVID deaths.

Richard Pressl wrote: Paul’s original title was about public responses to COVID now that over a dozen people in the White House have tested positive for infection, and did not address aardvarks and avatars, such as Buzz Williams’s “What-abouts”

Linda Stidd Green wrote: I have had plenty of masks and gloves. No issue. KN95s are a joke compared to N95. Cloth are next to useless but it’s what I see mostly because we all want to match our scrubs! Lol I never missed a day of work other than when furloughed. No issues supplies ran low but never out. I think the administration did an impressive job of mobilizing a massive response to an unprecedented situation. All the hospitals I know of financially lost their behinds because it was not what the so called experts predicted and we all stopped all regular medical care which is where they make their money. The predicted over 1.5 million deaths turned out to be wrong. Thank goodness experts turned out to be idiots.

Richard Pressl wrote: You said: “I think the administration did an impressive job of mobilizing a massive response to an unprecedented situation”…unfortunately the weight of professional opinion does not agree with your assessment. Please review what has been described by the media in ANY other OECD country about the US response. Or consider the fact the US has 5% of the globe’s population but 25% of the globe’s COVID confirmed cases – we have one of the worst records on the planet for our results. The UN report gives the US an ECC grade of -0.05 which places the US results as the second WORST in the OECD, with the deaths per million several orders of magnitude worse than the top twenty countries

Richard Pressl wrote: Local results are frequently at extreme variance from National results – so Linda and Anna’s observations may be quite valid based on their experiences…but be absolutely inconsequential in the National frame that I am focusing on at the moment. Viewers of these comments could easily make the mistake of extrapolating a National perspective based on a localized sample and derive an incorrect assessment of the U.S. response.

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