Sat. Jan 25th, 2020 Defense Presentation

Opening Defense Arguments


a) Ukraine did not know about the hold on the assistance until Aug 28th. (False)

b) The only evidence presented for a link between investigations and assistance came from Ambassador Sondland (False)

c) Presenter referred to “the Russian collusion theory” …echoing the Mueller Report

d) The FISA Court episode with Carter Page was the basis for Trump’s not wanting to accept the findings of his intelligence committees

e) The bilateral meeting in Poland between Trump and Zalinsky was the same as if it were held in the White House (False)

f) Trump has withheld aid from other countries (True)

g) The Administration would not honor subpoenas because the House Intelligence Committee was not authorized to submit them. (Incorrect)

h) The President was not provided “due process” rights (True)

i) Assertion there were 71 days of hearings without cross-examinations of witnesses by Republicans (False)

j) The Whistleblower was biased against the President, and was “coached” by House Intel Committee staff (Inconclusive)

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