Impeachment Q&A: Secret Ballot and Delayed Transmission

IMPEACHMENT Q&A: Secret Ballot and Delayed Transmission

*******(by Richard @ Flexible Reality)**************

Question: “Could the Senate choose to vote by secret ballot in the pending impeachment trial of Pres Trump?” What’s the problem with that?

Answer: “Short answer, yes, they could. All it would take would be a resolution requesting it, and then have it pass by a simple majority of Senators. Obviously this change in the rules would weaken the Trump supporters position since it would make it easier for the five sitting Republican senators who have announced their retirements, plus the three most vocal critics of Trump to vote to impeach. Remember it takes a 2/3rds vote to convict, or 67 total, while there are only 47 Democrats and allied Independents in the chamber. The only real problem with this procedure is it would set a precedent that is not in accord with the traditional that Congressional deliberations should be transparent, and votes are inviolate.

Question: “Given the conviction prospects in the Republican-dominated Senate, can the House vote to impeach, and simply hold on to the Articles without submitting them to the Senate in the hopes that further incriminating information will come forward, or that such an action would negatively impact Trump’s re-election prospects?”

Answer: Yes, they could; but that option is fraught with perils, first off since it would allow Trump to remain in office where it has already been shown his actions are hazardous to democracy and effective governance. Secondly, given the general public’s easily distracted attention span a delay in the trial would work in Trump’s favor. Supporting the option would be if the Democrats believe they have prospects of obtaining even more incriminating evidence for impeachment such as direct evidence of collusion or treasonous actions with Russia, participation in financial crimes, or if he takes some other reprehensible action, such as the betrayal of the Kurds in Syria which sways Republican support.

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