Articles of Impeachment

What might the Articles of Impeachment Include


a) soliciting and accepting “a thing of value” from a foreign entity for use in a US Election

b) obstruction of justice by attempting to prevent testimony by Federal civil servants to a lawful subpoena related to an impeachment inquiry

c) in his professional capacity as President to receive monies for the granting or withholding of considerations for personal gain

d) coercing individuals to provide false testimony in Congressional depositions

e) incitements to disobedience and riot against lawful authority

f) engaging in personal and political vendettas against numerous individuals who disagree with him, including inducements to violence against said individuals

g) failure to uphold the dignity of high office with constant lying and abusive language in the public sphere

h) enticements to public officials to engage in criminal activity

i) submitting false affirmations, documents, and statements to judicial, administrative, and legislative entities

j) providing “a thing of value” to a foreign country solely for personal gain in opposition to the best interest of America

k) corrupt use of removal authority with Comey and Yovanovitch

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