The Ultimate Conspiracy Theory

by Richard @ Flexible Reality – OCt 26th, 2019

Ok, let’s play devil’s advocate…by -=believing=- the impeachment inquiry is a “false flag” operation. If so, then these elements MUST apply.

a) the phone call between Pres trump and Zelensky either didn’t happen, it was incorrectly reported, or it was something different than what everyone, including the White House acknowledged it was.

b) withholding the military aid from Ukraine was not a quid pro quo for an investigation into the Bidens, and that the findings that Russia interfered in the 2016 Election was inaccurate, and that Guiliani and cohorts, under the expressed authority and guidance of the President did not try to pressure Ukrainian officials as a condition of receiving the military assistance.

c) that the findings of all US Intelligence agencies regarding Russian interference were incorrect, and that Ukrainian persons were the actual perpetrators

d) that the Mueller special prosecutor findings were inaccurate

e) that the House and Senate Intelligence Committee consensus opinions which concluded that it was Russian which was directly responsible for the 2016 Election intrusion at the express direction of Vladimir Putin was invalid for some unspecified reason.

f) that Flynn, Manafort, Cohen, Papadopoulos, Gates, and the 30 other individuals indicted by Mueller accepted personal liability in the matter and would accept fines and jail time for admitting to something that was false.

g) that the $335,000 donation to trump’s super-pak, America First Action, did not come from Federal contractor Perkins, or from Dmytro Firtash

h) that AG Barr acted in “good conscience” when he refused to authorize the release of the Whistleblower’s complaint to Congress

i) that VP Pence did not personally demand a public investigation into the Bidens as a pre-condition for release of the military assistance package, or a White House visit.

j) that the Republican-led invasion of the Congressional SCIF was not a national security risk

k) that Trump’s public call in an on-camera episode, made to China, to investigate the Bidens never happened or was not what it appeared to be

l) that Administration agencies have no obligation to respond to Congressional subpoenas

m) that the President is exempt from any investigation, or prosecution by any entity, whether by Congressional, or judicial processes

n) that Executive Privilege extends forward and backward in time to cover anyone who worked for the Executive Branch in any capacity.

o) that no agency, at any level, can restrain the President from any action he may take, whether civil or criminal until he leaves office.

p) that the House Impeachment inquiry is illegal, or not authorized

q) that it is not a breach of oath for an AG to engage in political actions which benefit the President which are at odds with standard DoJ processes

r) that attempting to prevent the testimony of witnesses before Congress is not itself grounds for a charge of obstruction of justice.

s) that proven allegations in “RussiaGate” was not designed, and carried out, to help Russia, help Trump, and harm America and Democrats.

t) that monies used to hire and support Guiliani, Lev, Igor, Sessions, and others did not originate with Furtash, a Russian asset believed to be an upper-echelon member of Russian organized crime.

u) that numerous high-level officials in the Government were not removed from office, personally chastised, and threatened by the President, or by those expressly directed to do so by him.

v) that VP Biden’s actions to help remove the corrupt Ukranian Prosecutor General were not in keeping with expressed US National interests

w) that all the witnesses giving testimony before the committee are either lying, are not patriots, or are guided by political animus toward Pres. trump.


-= ps: there are more examples, but he and his supporters have to maintain that the above elements are false or maybe even a “false flag” operation by Democrats and those opposed to Trump. – Wow !

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