The perfidy of William Barr

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President Trump’s appointed Attorney General, William Barr, who has taken it upon himself to become Trump’s defense attorney has apparently decided that to help his client best, he must prosecute the likes of Special Counsel Mueller and all the investigators who worked with him in the Russian probe. He will probably also have to prosecute the members of the Senate Republican committee who participated in the probe regarding the Russian interference in the 2016 election finding and issuing a report that indeed Russia and Russia alone did interfere for the benefit of Trump against Clinton.

Others that Barr will have to prosecute will be all the heads of the nation’s seventeen national security agencies and offices plus at minimum the last two FBI directors, and possibly several former CIA directors. All who found that Russia is the culprit and no others, and that it was for the benefit of Trump.


Barr wants to help Trump out in the worst way, (pun on purpose). Trump is deadly afraid of having the legitimacy of his election victory questioned which Russian interference for his benefit hangs heavy as the multitude of U.S. agencies have found compelling evidence that Russia indeed interfered on his behalf in the 2016 election.

So, Barr not satisfied with the overwhelming evidence against Russia, set about to create his own brand of justice to prove that Trump was indeed the winner without Russian help and to prove and then prosecute those who said otherwise. And in passing, help Trump win reelection in 2020.

To this end, he began secretly traveling to various countries interviewing the intelligence agencies, which among several included Australia and Italy. Apparently, in at least to those two countries, Barr’s fishing trip came away without fish as he was refuted in his quest to find dirt.

Not one to give up on his quest to vindicate his client, Barr has now handed the reigns to a Federal Prosecutor with instruction for his office to investigate all who were involved in finding that Russia was the culprit and in obtaining evidence of such criminal conspiracy, to prosecute all those involved.
Barr and Trump know that there will not be found any evidence of a conspiracy, so why do this?

To Trump it makes no difference because, as you will soon see, he and his zombies at Fox News, to wit Trump’s chief propaganda liar, Hannity, along with the cheerleaders, Fox Friends, and some of the other entertainers, wannabe journalists, will begin reporting as fact that the investigation was launched because of evidence that there was a major conspiracy against Trump which was begun by former President Obama and continues. This is the payday for Trump – he feeds red meat to his non-reading, non-digesting news other than Fox propaganda followers.

The bad news for Trump is that Barr has already branded himself as not representing the people of the United States, that in fact he cares little for them, and that his sole purpose in office, is to help and protect Trump from the multitude of crimes he, his three adult children, Ivanka, Don Jr., and Erik have and continue to commit.

Additional bad news is that Trump brought Barr in on the crime that is now the basis for his upcoming impeachment. Trump asked the Ukraine president to meet with Giuliani and Barr to find the dirt on Joe Biden and his son that will help him in the 2020 presidential election. This is enough to force Barr to recuse himself from further activity and interference with the ongoing impeachment investigation.

There is evidence that Barr has already attempted to interfere as the whistleblower’s report that was sent and investigated finding it credible and urgent, that was then sent to the White House for their review (still not answered as to why a report accusing the White House of the potential crime, would have been sent to them for their review). The White House apparently gave the AG a heads-up as the report was then sent to Barr’s office. There the whistleblower’s report was deemed as having nothing to investigate and no action to be taken.

Barr probably didn’t think that those who did review the report and deemed it credible and urgent at not getting a response sent the report directly to Congress… and the rest is history — the final chapter on the Trump presidency is now been written. And hopefully so is William Barr’s.
October 24, 2019

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