A conversation with a friend, who’s 91

A conversation that centers me…
Rich, are you still there – hope so. I am now 91 years young!
Living in WW senior home, Atlanta – Take care. Dick Gore 10/22/2019
On Thursday, August 28, 2008, 5:39:30 PM EDT, Richard Gore <rgore43@yahoo.com> wrote:
You are right on. Would encourage you to share with newspapers, etc, along with other voices in the “wilderness”.
I said we are headed for the 30’s – correction, should have said towards the way of Roman Empire who destroyed itself attempting to exploit the world. The French and English finally gave up economic domination, but we are still at it.
Only politician I heard during the primaries to quote something long forgotten was independent Ron Paul when he said “U.S has 700 military bases in 130 countries around the world and spends $700 billion annually for “protection” against possible “threats” from any other countries many of whom we once supplied military weapons” – i.e., Iran, etc. Remember “Iran Contra?” Hadn’t heard that since Ralph Nader years ago before he lost his marbles. President “Ike” warned of dangers from the military industrial complex. With congress’ blessing, Joe Macarthy started the commie witch hunt shortly after WWII and thereafter the cold war kicked in. Both events kept the military industrial expenditures going without challenge. We have tons of money for Blackwater no-bid contracts but not enough for teflon vests for GI’s or soap to wash the mildew walls at the Veterans’ hospital.
After WWII when we went about rebuilding Europe via the Marshall plan, Truman said he wouldn’t tolerate contractors gouging the treasury. If you are waiting for that statement on Iraq, you’ll have to find some kind of high tech listening device.
We always hear that the U.S. corporate tax rate is the highest in the world. But no one follows that up with the fact that two-thirds of the big corps pay “nothing” through their high powered tax accountants taking advantage of loop holes. Hard to believe two-thirds of U.S. corps don’t make any taxable profits. And we are still subsidizing oil companies. Exxon alone makes $1500 per second. No one mentions there are two story buildings in the Grand Cayman’s Islands with thousands of post office box offices representing “foreign offices”, i.e. tax write offs. I was there and saw them. – see NYTimes.com editorial Aug 18, 2008.
Well, that’s enough cheer for now.
Keep on, Richard,
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Hi Rich,
Yeah, big corporations are a bit like homeowner associations: the “good of all” means their “good” comes first. Churches help inject at least some measure of service, humility, grace, honor, acceptance of limitations to personal greed, and justice into human affairs. To me, the difference between denominations is what they teach their followers, and how they deal with “the other”.
Big corporations and “rich” people do not want governments restricting them in any form; but they do not hesitate to employ government when it can be molded into supporting their interests. The poor and average folks have to depend on government actions on their behalf simply by virtue of being a citizen.
re: Final music. Amen Brother !! Mine includes Mozart’s 40th – The Great G-Minor, Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto in D, Beethoven’s 3rd the Eroica, Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, The Rolling Stones: You Can’t Always Get What You Want, John Lennon’s: Imagine, Bob Seger’s: In Your Time, and concluding with a Klingon ritual or two performed to the music of Copland’s: Fanfare for the Common Man.
Obama is the first presidential aspirant since Eisenhower who has not had to depend on “special interests”, meaning corporations and high-capital private investors with personal agendas, to fund his campaign, so if anyone has a reasonable chance of leveling the playing field for the common good, then he does.
I take great satisfaction is hearing Obama say: “universal health care”, not “universal health insurance”; in saying No Thanks to “privatizing VA services to Vets”, in saying No Thanks to “open-ended occupation in Iraq”, in saying No Thanks to “tax cuts” to the highest 1 percentile of individual income earners, in saying No Thanks to “tax breaks” to corporations with offshore headquarters, and those Fortune 500 Companies who consistently have not paid any corporate income tax for more than two years.
Over the past several years, I have fielded several dozen emails and conversations with friends who lean, or severely slope to the Right…but I don’t hold their leanings against them per se…unless the leanings are combined with a staunch avoidance of logical thinking, or failure to abide by common standards of good citizenship. We have allowed ourselves to become a nation of “I Me Me Mine” rather than “A Nation of Laws, Rather than Of Men”. We have been empowered by our Federal Government to approve of torture, renditions, signing statements, abuse of scientific inquiry, and to HATE others based solely on the Other’s failure to adhere to the prevailing political ideology. Our Nation needs to get off this fundamentalist – autocratic train, or as you suggest: we will end up in a most unpleasant place in the life of this country, and our World.
Within a generation we will have artificial intelligence computer systems, possessing both biological and machine intelligence, with the power of self-construction and self-enhancement, with the corollary possibility of enhancing humans to unimaginable levels of knowledge, skill, and capacity. We need now to be working on the other aspects of humanity that will be so necessary in the approaching era…or as the Hal 9000 computer in “2001 – A Space Odyssey” decided – humans cannot properly handle the task at hand, should and will be eliminated.
(off the soapbox)
Rich, I guess you’ve been following the LAVFD discussion…any suggestions for personal action?
-=rwp=- … Richard @ Bizmarts 8/28/08 – 1:13:48 pm
Richard Gore wrote:
> Richard, the definitely better than average,
> Thanks – you are certainly full of surprises. I’m impressed.
> I worked for the media 45 years – in the church and in big corporations. A real skitzo personality!. Have been a political junkie since Harry Truman. I clearly remember, he was the last and only who said “the buck stops here”. Paid for his own postage stamps and licked them on envelopes. Also, dig Beethoven – made for the gods, Casablanca – who doesn’t?. Told my wife don’t do a sermon at my funeral, just do the Ninth!
> Also, praying the rascals are thrown out. Afraid U.S. sold out to big corps past few decades and heading like a freight train towards 1930’s.
> Keep the faith, Richard.
Richard @ Flexible Reality wrote: 10/22/2019


Thanks a lot for sending this along!

Your comments and insight help keep me “hanging on” and center my view on our current situation.

I wrote a friend saying that for me, enduring trump is like “Chinese Water Torture” – and I continue to have great difficulty accepting a lot of our current dysfunctional social and political elements, from the willingness of Republicans to ignore their own dogma of the past several decades who continue to support a monster like trump, to the asinine responses of too many citizens to established knowledge in science, economics, education, and social services.

It’s as if a giant vacuum had surreptitiously extracted 50 IQ points from the general public, and replaced it with a conspiracy theory shibboleth.

How can we be so dumb, so willing to accept disinformation, so blind to obvious faults, and so willing to restrict our care and concern only to elements of self-interest?

I’m am really happy to see you continuing with your mental and spiritual progress, and hereby give you a big hug from Judy and I.

Best Wishes, and take care.


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