It’s official. Corey Lewandowski is contemptuous of Congress. He’s also in contempt of Congress. That’s serious enough and it can — and should — land Lewandowski in jail. But, in the long run, his repeated refusal to answer questions put to him by the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday may well be less serious than allowing a witness to openly mock a congressional investigation.

Though he appeared in response to a subpoena and testified under oath, Lewandowski might as well have been on CNN making snide remarks to Ana Navarro. To give you the flavor of his testimony, he taunted California Rep. Eric Swalwell for his failed presidential campaign, characterized one of Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s questions as “just a rant,” repeatedly forced House members to read to him from the Mueller report and demanded that the committee “afford me the same privilege you afforded” special counsel Robert Mueller. “It’s a big safe, congressman. There’s a lot of guns in there,” he told Swalwell at one point. And when caught in a lie, he responded, “Oh, I’m sorry. Nobody in front of Congress has ever lied to the public before. I’m sorry.”

Trump aims to cut off all scrutiny