A Commentator Responds to the House Impeachment enquiry

House Judiciary Committee Democrat Sets Guidelines for Trump Impeachment Probe

by Hindsight2020
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An ever-growing list of trumps “accomplishments” and of those in Congress who support him:

*Most recent: #PussyAssBitch He’s doctoring weather maps to try and prove he’s not an idiot.

*Has stayed at trump properties 293 days in 3 years, that’s our tax dollars going directly into his pocket.

*Took money from military daycares to pay for a wall that won’t work and no one wants.

*The Vice President and the Attorney General are both spending taxpayer dollars on trump hotels, lining his pockets and currying his favor.

*Privately instructed aides to skirt laws and regulations to get the wall built faster — and told them he will pardon them if necessary.

*Pressuring a government agency to give a contract for his wall to a company whose chief executive is a donor to one of his top GOP allies in Congress.

*Took hundreds of millions from 127 different projects (FEMA being one of those) for his wall.

*Thinks nuking a hurricane is an idea.

*Pushing to host the next G-7 at one of his own resorts.

*Taunted Iran by tweeting a classified image of an Iranian rocket that had exploded, thereby potentially compromising U.S. intelligence capabilities.

*His own company would save millions from the low-interest rates he is demanding.

*Said he was going to give you tax cuts through your paychecks but decided not to.

*Destroying the economy with HIS trade war.

*We will soon average a $1.2 trillion deficit.

*He is repeating NRA talking points on background checks so expect no action taken regardless of the fact there has been 27 arrested over threats to commit mass attacks since El Paso( NOT TOLEDO).


*Made fun of republicans being afraid of the NRA and then caved after a 30 minute phone conversation with them.

*Bragged about indefinite child detention because it brings families together.

*Refusing flue shots, that protect us all(google influenza pandemic), to immigrant children.

*Attacking fellow congresswomen in really disgusting ways and making anti-Semitic remarks about Jews calling them disloyal.

*Thinks he’s the chosen one based on a conspiracy theory web site.

*Impeachment: Obstruction of Justice. Profiting from the Presidency. Collusion – They had a meeting & lied about it. Advocating political & police violence. Abuse of power. Engaging in reckless behavior. Persecuting political opponents. Attacking the free press. Violating immigrants Right to Due Process. Violating campaign finance laws. Racist: Speaks directly to and often tweeting straight from white supremacists. Calls them very fine people.

*Told fellow congresswomen to go back where they came from.

*Called them shit hole countries. Called them murderers and rapists. Calls her Pocahontas.

*Took out full-page ads calling for the death of five innocent black kids in New York, 1989.

*Literally has said in an interview he has Hitler’s speeches, My New Order in his nightstand.

*Spent campaign finance money on hush payments to silence a porn star he had an affair with in order to hide it from the voters.

*Has spent over $100 million of our tax dollars playing golf at his own golf courses.

*Has never divested from companies and advertises and profits off the White House.

*Was going to cut Medicaid and Medicare funding to pay for the tax cuts he gave to the rich.

*Is actively destroying farmers lives with his trade wars that we all know only hurts our pockets not China’s.

*Has made the lives of every truck driver across America as well as our own, more dangerous by removing safety regulations that only benefits the pockets of the CEOs of those companies.

*Has removed any and all protections we had in place from work safety, environment, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights and gives that power back to the CEOs, oil companies, men and old white men.

*Saudi funded lobbyist rented 500 rooms at a trump hotel he never divested from right after he became president. Wonder why?

*Sexual Predator: Accused by more than 20 women of molestation and rape. Bragged about said molestation on tape. Has cheated on all three wives (see above). Has made sexual remarks on camera about his daughter. Belittles and bully’s strong women. Not even sure he’s aware he has two daughters. Idiot:

*Has allowed North Korea to grow there nuclear weapons program.

*Took the side of Putin over America’s own security agencies on the national stage.

*Lacks the intelligence and facts needed to communicate on a global level much less national one.

*Makes policy decisions based on FOX media.

*Lies when he speaks. Current count is over 10,000 during his term.

*Doesn’t believe in science and quite often displays his ignorance of it.

*Russia: Lied about meetings with Russians. Lied about a trump tower Moscow. Personal attorney Michael Cohen (same guy who broke campaign finance laws under trumps direction) had contacts with Russian officials. National Security aide Flynn resigned over Russian contacts. Jeff Sessions recused himself because of Russian contacts. Manafort resigned because of Russian contacts. Campaign foreign policy adviser Papadopoulos met with Russians then bragged about it to Australians who then turned that info over to our FBI. Sixteen campaign officials had contacts with Russia and at least nine others new about it. Russian mobster lived in trump tower. trump casino was flagged 106 times for lax money laundering standards and same Russian frequently stayed at trump casino. Has been selling real estate to Russians for years. It really is surprising how many connections to the Russians this man has. Rick Scott, Marco Rubio, Bill Posey You are my representatives. OLC policy: The indictment or criminal prosecution of a sitting President would unconstitutionally undermine the capacity of the executive branch to perform its constitutionally assigned functions.

It’s time to do your job. You swore an oath to this country, it’s people and me to uphold the constitution. The president has never upheld that oath.

How do you want to be remembered?

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