Citizens offer comments on SNAP accessibility

-These programs are already highly means tested. With Trump changing the
definition of poverty, and the working poor already being villianized many
working two or three jobs, including our military or food stamps, we cannot
afford to cut more people from these programs. What is the plan? We just step
over their bodies in the street?

-There is a lot of abuse of SNAP benefits. It needs to be reformed and people
should not be lifelong users.

-Yes. Unfortunately, every government entitlement program is abused by some
people. We have a serious problem with our ever increasing national debt. The
national debt is at about $23 trillion. That’s ridiculous. There have been
many cases where snap benefit recipients have exchanged snap benefits for cash
at rates as low as .50 cents on the dollar. Anyone who can afford to give up
that much of their benefit for cash, most likely doesn’t need the benefit. We
must cut entitlement abuse as much as possible. By cutting abuse, we will
continue to be able to help those people who truly need help.

-NO. Why screw over people in need of help? Anyone not in the privileged 1%
is going to be headed Into poverty soon if Trump Inc stays in business. How
about eliminating reduced taxes and tightening tax credits and tricky tax dodges
that the 1% can use their lawyers to engineer. That’s where
“tightening” is needed……… Wasn’t there a future documentary
movie series showing how to monetize the situation? I think it was called “Hunger
Games” and filmed at someplace called Mara Largo.

_As someone who has worked with the SNAP program for 30 years (since way
before it was called SNAP) I’d like to add a little history and insight to
this question. This is long, but important I think. Firstly, no, there is not
widespread abuse of the program. This right wing urban legend has existed
forever, but it simply isn’t true. So check your facts with a reliable source
please (such as the USDA or state agencies that administer the program) because
I don’t have time to go into all the reasons here why that’s pure malarkey.

So, to the question at hand. I think in order to understand why this current
proposal to reinstate (yes, reinstate) a resource standard for SNAP is a
horrible idea it helps to consider why it was eliminated and who reinstating it
will hurt. It will not hurt the extremely poor or the chronically under
employed, which is the bulk of SNAP participants. These people don’t have any
resources – no money in the bank or nice cars, etc. Most of these Americans are
living a daily struggle most of us could not begin to imagine and could probably
not survive, and it doesn’t involve money in the bank or nice or frivolous

So a resource standard didn’t impact them when it previously existed and it
won’t impact them if reinstated. No, the people who will be hurt by this
proposal are the folks who don’t typically access benefits until they have a
financial set back.

An example would be an oilfield worker who was doing fine, providing for his
family. We’ll call him Tom. Tom is driving a decent vehicle and living in a
good home, all of which he can afford. Until he loses that good job. He has a
bit of savings, but like most of us not enough. And that dab of money is the
only thing that stands between financial ruin for him and his family – between
losing the vehicle to needs to even get to work and the family home in some
cases to just being forced to cripple himself with credit card debt that will
wreck his family’s financial outlook for years to come. He will find work
again, but not before the damage is done. So to keep the wolf away from the door
a bit longer his family applies for SNAP. The resource standard was eliminated
during the financial crisis specifically to help families like Tom’s.Reinstating
resource standards will hurt them a lot. And it will hurt his community and it
will hurt the national economy. It makes a lot of sense to provide food
assistance to stabilize families like Tom’s in times of financial crisis.

This is what we learned. The resource standard was initially only temporarily
suspended back in the day until the analysts did their thing and realized how
much good it did for both families and the economy to help families like Tom’s
before the point of complete financial devastation.

Here’s my second example, an elderly couple we’ll call Larry and Louise
(L&L). L&L both worked all their adult lives. Now they are retired and
are living modestly but comfortably on their pensions and Social Security, only
dipping into savings for big expenses such as medical bills or car repairs or
taxes. They need their savings to last because they no longer have the means to
add to them. And they are doing alright really. They are not receiving SNAP
either because they are above the monthly income standard or feel they are
getting by without the help. Then they receive a call from Child Protective
Services. There’s a problem and their grandchildren have been taken into
custody. Will they take the kids for a while? Of course they will welcome their
grand babies into their home. So now there are 5 mouths to feed instead of 2,
and the 3 new ones eat a lot. L&L’s modest retirement income is not enough
to handle this, so without access to SNAP benefits to help offset the extra
expense they will run through the savings meant to last them the rest of their
lives and keep them from being a burden on society in a matter of months.

And that’s exactly what will happen to thousands upon thousands upon
thousands of families if IQ45 gets his way on this. I could provide hundreds of
real life stories of others in similar situations who need the stability SNAP
provides to help them through a rough patch but who won’t receive it if this
proposal is approved.

The irony of course is that Tom and Larry and Louise probably all voted for
tRump, so he’s harming those who support him. Not that it matters who they
voted for.What matters is that we don’t take a giant step backwards by
reinstating an impractical regulation that hurts common folks who are just doing
their best to get by. Please, please stand up for people like Tom and his family
and Larry and Louise and their grandchildren. They are the people I serve every
day and they need your help. Please do what you can to talk that lame brain in
the White House from pushing these struggling Americans over the edge of the
financial cliff. Politicians- do your jobs. Take care of your constituents.

-Keeping people dependent on government programs is not compassion. Tough
love is true love. Depending on yourself is the American spirit. No government
program helps any one but the government bureaucrats who skim off the top to
line their own pockets, all the while complaining they need more of other people’s

-Republicans fell all over themselves to give tax breaks to the wealthy and
want to pay for the shortfall by taking food from the poor. When does it stop?
How much wealth must be redistributed upwards before it’s enough? How many
must suffer so that a few can live like kings?

-Please save snap 3 million American that depend on food stamps to feed their
families. Trump is dangerous.

-80% of abled bodied workers on snap do work. Others have childcare issues,
sick family, transportation issues, ect. You cannot feed a family on food stamps
alone to begin with.

-Food stamps shouldn’t be used to treat yourself to lobster beer and drugs.

-If the issue is spending, the program to cut is NOT food stamps. Please
continue to support the most basic needs of vulnerable Americans.

-Almost every food pantry is having difficulties fulfilling the needs of
their communities, even with corporate partners. This shows that not only are
the number of people needing assistance, but also that the people that would
normally contribute to them are unable. It’s well known that there are
thousands of school children that the only decent meal they receive is at
school. All schools should have free breakfasts and lunches. Our children can’t
learn, and won’t be able to become contributing members of society, if they
spend their days hungry. Ketchup is NOT a vegetable!! Well balanced meals with
fresh fruits and vegetables wherever and whenever should be available to

-Food stamps should be increased or at the very least left alone. All the
Republicans do is hurt those most in need and shower the rich with more money.
What a horrible and disgusting idea. Trump is trying to turn us into a third
world country! We’re more civilized than this!

-Government aide if drug tested ONLY. Get off the dole!!!!!

-If we support this legislation on more strict regulations on SNAP the
families & individuals who truly need it will have a more surplus effect for

-One of the most powerful countries in the world should never allow its
citizens, especially children, to starve in the streets. It’s obscene that this
is even being considered.

-No I don’t approve of trying to starve more people. Food stamps are
already ridiculously means tested if you make it more strict people are going to
die. Kids are going to die. Stop being monsters

-No — there’s already a 5 year lifetime limit as far as I know. I recall
that from when Clinton ended welfare as we know it.

-The excuse that people on food stamps defraud the system is dramatically
blown out of proportion. It’s a lie spread by conservatives so when
republicans cut welfare to give massive tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans,
they don’t look like the giant assholes they are. As the average Americans
wages remain stagnant and inflation rises, more and more WORKINGS Americans
depend on food stamps to feed their families. DO NOT CUT, EXPAND until we fix
the political corruption that is killing our middle class.

-The question here seems to be Should we help people with food assistance?
What kind of country would say no? What kind of country would cut taxes for
those who have the most and then cut food for those who have the least? It doesn’t
make sense. Help people get a job by providing opportunities through programs
paid for with tax dollars, that’s how to help people help themselves. Cutting
off their food assistance doesn’t help them to help themselves. It just
starves them.

-These programs aren’t broken, they are working as intended. Don’t try to
“fix” them.

-Republicans continue to undermine middle and lower economic class people in
the US and now they want to restrict their access to nutrition. Please take the
higher moral ground. If there is money for guns than there is money for food.

-The cruelty of this administration has no bounds. While they give corporate
welfare to the richest people in America to buy the own stock back lining their
own pockets. Sick ruthless bastards.

-People on good stamps sell the fir drugs to drug dealers for half price! You
didn’t know that! It’s common! I have members of my family in law
enforcement! Also there are a lot that are scamming the system. As a taxpayer!
They stealing from all of us! Time to knuckle down!

-NO! This is one of the most studied (means tested) federal programs out
there. It gets to the people who need it and isn’t available to those that don’t.
I cannot believe that there are people who still support the current

-Please don’t do this. People depend on food stamps to feed their children.

-Once again- blind eyes and cold hearts care only about voiceless fetuses
while trashing the living.

-The people who use food stamps need them. Saving $2.5 billions dollars a
year is almost nothing at all and 3 million people would be left without food
stamps. Absolutely not.

-Lots of abuse in this program, it needs to be abolished completely. This
should be state run.

-Why is congress supporting the starvation of it’s own citizens. The
federal minimum wage is below the poverty level and the support is not there
from the GOP to give any assistance to hard working people who cannot feed their
families. Why is it that the wealthy and corporations deserve welfare but hard
working citizens do not?

-I have been a public school teacher in Mississippi for 36 years &
counting. Children come back to school on Monday morning ravenous after a
weekend of little food. American children deserve our help. Minimum wage is not
enough to pay the bills & feed everyone. Tax the wealthy golden parachute
folks, quit giving corporations huge tax breaks, & let’s feed people &
fix the roads!

-Having savings and/or other assets does not automatically mean a family can
afford enough food without assistance. There are many different reasons for
families and individuals to need this kind of help, and so one’s eligibility for
food assistance, specifically SNAP, should be determined on much more of a
case-by-case basis, not whether or not they have savings.

-Yes, I oppose tightening access to food stamps! At one point in my life I
tried to apply for food stamps and know not only how difficult it was, but how
poor you really have to be to qualify. It AIN’T easy, and you have to NEED them
desperately before you can get them. So, Trump administration giving a HUGE tax
break and then trying to take food out of peoples’ mouths is the ultimate,
Scrooge-like mentality! And there is NO place in an American administration for
this hypocrisy!

-The GOP is going after those in need to pay for their unwise tax give away
to the rich. Do not take food away from those who depend on it.

-I work hard to put food on the table and a roof over our heads. Others, who
are capable, should do the same.

-So you want to take food out of peoples mouths. It’s bad enough people have
to work two jobs just to pay rent and a third to put food on the table while
corporations get tax breaks and CEOS get enormous pay and bonuses. Corporate

-People are not making ends meet and food is usually the last thing on the
budget…why make it harder for the working poor…people with 2 or more part
time jobs…it is always social services that get cut…people get hurt. It
isn’t right, we have the money…it is just allocated to the wrong priorities

-This is an important benefit and needs to be kept, however abuse is clear.
Need to take care of our children elderly and those truly looking for temporary
help. Providing basics only.

-We have tried this before. We want to make the numbers seem as if Americans
aren’t as “needy” as they were before. When really we’re just starving
our own people. This makes 0 sense unless our wages stand to see the same
inflation our groceries have.

-Once again, the U.S. is considering another cruel action. NO! Do not tighten
access to food stamps. Shameful.Like

-Tightening these programs never works to do anything but hurt the people who
most need them. BAD IDEA from a President who does not care about anything but

-It should be tightened too many people are becoming dependent on the
government and not getting a head on their own, it’s good to have when you do
fall on hard times but not meant to stay on

-Maybe if we hurry up and increase the minimum wage to a living wage,
overturn the greedy health insurance companies, fix the retirement systems
(bring back pensions not predatory 401ks) and increase real jobs not these fake
teenage jobs we will see less people in need of these kinds of services. So many
people need and abuse these systems because our society is broken and only works
for the rich.

-We can’t have people gaming the system SNAP needs to be reformed ASAP

-Not until taxes for the rich are tightened to elliminate non-payers like

-Of course I oppose this! You might as well ask me if I support people dying
from starvation. We as a country we’re better than this. Trump has affected
our humanity!

-Drug testing should be imposed. If you’re on drugs then you don’t eat.
Yes harsh but effective. Check on other countries. We are the most lenient. They
certainly have the energy to throw water on cops so maybe they need to WORK
instead. The gang bangers need to be treated as domestic terrorists and the
police should be given more flexibility in dealing with them. Time to get tough
with these a—holes! We finally have a President with a spine in contrast to
the jellyfish Democraps. Move Mayer Deblowhards residence into the worst
neighborhood and take away his security detail and we’ll see how fast this
IDIOT changes his tactics. You couldn’t pay me enough to be a police officer
in NYC. KAG! Build the wall! Arrest Hillary Clinton and make her serve jail time
for her crimes!!!

-The SNAP program needs full funding and support. Otherwise farm support
programs are at risk.

-Yet another misguided idea from the person occupying the WH. If he wants to
cut spending he needs to do it by cutting back or eliminating his golf trips and
family outings to foreign countries. An even better idea is to reverse the tax
breaks for the wealthiest folks and the big corporations. Taking food from those
that most need it is just plain wrong! AZ Reps please do not allow food stamps
to be used as another pawn in Trump & the GOP’s incessant game.

-We need to get it changed but we need a change of the qualifying of the food
for our people in need here in America . There are people that have worked hard
for years and now unemployed that don’t have a place to live or a way to feed
there children these are the people that need it


-At least 1 in 6 children in American suffers from food insecurity. We have
to provide breakfast and lunch for free in thousands of schools in our country
because it’s the only way to ensure children are eating these meals that day,
and many of these children do not get regular meals during summer break. How, in
such a “great” country, can we be ok with this many children going
hungry on a daily basis? And how can we roll back benefits such as SNAP which
will negatively impact our children?

-We’ve dropped $102 million for president fuck stick to play golf, but we
need to cut back on food stamps? Perhaps we should start issuing cake stamps
instead. But only to the deserving. Never the needy.

-How much more does this administration have to do before their cruelty and
greed are stopped!? Leave the snap program alone.

-People being dependent on the government is not only a path to socialism and
communism, but also such a sad state of being. Temporary assistance for
able-bodied individuals is okay, but we’ve bred a generation (or beyond) of
government handout addicted people. Tighten the guidelines and punish the misuse
and abuse of them.

-Why is Trump going to hurt his supporters, many of whom use SNAP. Will they
eat their MAGA hats when there is no food?

-Interesting that conservative southern states are the highest users of food
stamps. Wonder how that’s going to sit with #45’s base?

-Cruelty. That is the only word for it.

-First they make you poor, then they starve you. Republican family “values.”
Impeach Trump!

-I unequivocally distrust this administration’s ability to make thoughtful,
reasoned changes. Fundamentally, forcing more people into food insecurity is a
terrible idea!

-I could not be more ashamed of the United States we are genuine healthcare,
food, and dignity to our needy, how did we get this way?

-In America Everyone should have access to food. There is absolutely no
reason why anyone in America should every go hungry! We all know there is plenty
of excess money, more than enough to feed the world and then some. All we need
to do is trash the plans for Trumps un-American, useless, ridiculous and clearly
stupid environment killing wall. Let’s do something good!

-Absolutely without a doubt!! Things were much better in the 80’s when
soda, chips and candy were NOT ALLOWED!!

-Right now, the food stamps program does not give people enough food to make
it through a month. Tightening the access will cause more hunger and an increase
in crime. Let’s feed our people and increase the minimum wage so that they can

-Yes I support reducing food stamps. Obama added to many people under his
term. Time to readjust during the great economy. People should be responsible
& work for their food & lodging. Those are who we should respect. If you
want to be a parent, it means you are responsible for feeding your child. Don’t
expect others to pay for you.

-So many people are on the cusp of or suffering from food insecurity making
this a terrible, inhumane, unconscionable plan which shows a true lack of
compassion by these overfed fat cats in the Republican Party!

-Congress and the White House just gave out a trillion dollar tax cut to the
top 1% of earners in this country. Now they want to starve children and the
elderly to help pay for it? It’s beyond cruel. Stop blaming the poor and start
the Impeachment inquiry!

-NO. Grew up poor an on food stamps. Made good in life and these were

-Increase funds for food stamps, take away funds for the trump family weekend
trips to golf clubs!

-There is still a high number of lower income people and single moms working
at slave wages that need food stamps. Another assault against those with less.
Instead the of punishing the poor, tax the wealthy who can afford it. But we
already know the republicans care less about their own constituents than they do
the lobbyists and big corporations. The poor don’t give them any money.

-Stagnant wages, rising costs, gig economy, and financial ruin just from
getting sick or broken make things as simple as feeding yourself and your family
difficult to impossible for some people. Children who can’t eat can’t learn,
adults who can’t eat can’t contribute. Desperation drives people to
extremes. All this does is criminalize the poor. Life, liberty, and the pursuit
of happiness are rights; supporting the general welfare is a mission statement
of the constitution.

-Take away food stamps for the poor. Take away breaks for the elderly.
Medicare/Medicaid cuts. Social Security cuts. Hikes in Pharmaceuticals. But tax
breaks for the rich and Corporations. Now why would any American want this? Cut
salaries/benefits for Congressman and Senators until they start looking out for
the majority of Americans.

-No one gets or asks for food stamps because they want a free ride. People
can’t afford food, especially healthier food like fruits and vegetables, as
incomes stay stagnant and the price of food rises. Tightening the qualifications
for food stamps is just cruel and will just increase hunger, as well as
homelessness when people struggle to pay their bills.

-I think there’s enough restrictions as is. To deny another person food is
a sin against humanity.

-My girlfriend and I both only make $9 an hour. We struggle to pay bills, put
gas in the car and be able to buy groceries which we usually only can afford
maybe $10 worth. Which isn’t enough to feed two people for a week. By Wednesday
we’re down to almost nothing. Plus I have anxiety and depression meds to try to
squeeze in. The government would never approve us because they would say we make
too much money combined.

-Don’t support removing SNAP (food stamps) from TANF recipients(most
vulnerable). Focus on fighting fraud, waste and abuse of the system is a better
way to save taxpayers money.

-Why do we need to do this? Is our budget so tight we need to take from those
who already don’t have enough? If things are this bad, it would make more sense
to undo the recent tax breaks to the wealthy. Saying oops sorry we
miscalculated, thought we had a surplus turns out the opposite. In fact I’d go a
step further & recommend taxing $10,001+ at a much higher tax rate at least
50% but it was originally higher to avoid oligarchs or creating people who had
enough money to buy governments.

-To me it’s a simple issue. Those who are citizens and in need absolutely
yes. What I don’t want is free loaders.. easy to say but sadly hard to
prevent. Please structure as best you can.

-I oppose cutting snap , there are families that depend on it , when
possible( excluding the disabled ) they should work it off for the community
like cleaning up trash off roads , parks or another way

-Republicans fell all over themselves to give tax breaks to the wealthy and
want to pay for the shortfall by taking food from the poor. When does it stop?
How much wealth must be redistributed upwards before it’s enough? How many
must suffer so that a few can live like kings?

-Just another day of attacking the poor in this corrupt third reich
administration. It is PATHETIC AND DISGUSTING that this administration is NOT
ENFORCING white collar crimes BUT focusing on crimes that affect the minority
communities (ie going after black and brown men) and the poor.

-Quit taking from The People! I much rather put our money towards helping
others with basic needs, then lining the pockets of billionaires. Perhaps their
huge tax cuts were not such a good idea.

-Then what?? Ohh, I know! Why don’t we just execute them with that newly
reinstated death penalty!!!??? That will fix it!! Donald, just go back to your
loss prone bankruptcy infested real estate company, why did you ruin a perfectly
good legacy where people at least believed your false success..

-You may be surprised and shocked at how many young Military families use
this program!!

-It is already hard for Americans that are single moms, single dads etc..
many Americans are already struggling and the government wants to add more
restrictions on Food Stamps? Shame on the United States Government.

-TANF program actually needs to be expanded. It needs to be easier for people
who are living on benefits Medicare disability SSI etcetera to get food stamps
and those food stamps need to be enough to provide actual food for a month.

Yes I understand that if people have income or assets then perhaps their
benefits should be adjusted down. But that’s not what Trump and the GOP are
talking about. What we do need to do is reform TANF show the house so that you
can purchase food items what you can already do but you should also be able to
purchase things like toothpaste and toothbrushes and soap and cleaning supplies
toilet paper paper towels things that people need to have to last on a daily

.Now it should also eliminate access to food products like snack foods
particularly unhealthy ones like potato chips and pretzels and crackers. It
should also exclude soft drinks soda pop. Nobody needs that to survive. TANF
should actually cover products that people need to survive and live with
dignity. They don’t need soda pop they don’t need candy they don’t need chips.
They need healthy food basic cleaning supplies soap detergent toilet paper
toothpaste toothbrushes.

I do not believe that TANF needs to be reduced. I think it needs to be easier
for people who need them to qualify for TANF. And as I said I think that if
anything we need to reform the program to eliminate access to foods that nobody
needs access to and give access to non-food items that everybody needs.

-I support tightening access to corporate welfare by billionaires who are
doing just fine while I, as a self employed small business struggle and pay
three times or more the tax they pay.

-The TANF people are really in need of assistance taking their food stamps is
denying them food. That being said, there is plenty of fraud and abuse in the
system that if addressed would save the taxpayers money.

-A hungry population is just what this country needs. We’ll be a third
world country at this rate.

-How about we make businesses, corporations, and the wealthy pay their fair
share of taxes so we can fund making sure the less fortunate have food?

-Why would you not want to tighten it? Those who need it will get it, those
who don’t won’t. Get real people!

-Let’s talk about balancing the budget and reducing the deficit and all the
bullshit Republicans throw out there to pretend they know what they are talking
about and that they actually contribute anything worth while to The United
States of America. For every dollar removed from the Food Stamps and Social
Services program, $100,000 shall be removed from all Corporate Welfare,
exemptions, Tax exemptions and all Religious exemptions.

-Instead of focusing in on cutting benefits for the neediest why don’t we
look at the root causes that put many Americans into this position in the first
place. We can start with a rise in cost for housing, food, healthcare but not in
wages! Making it harder for people to eat will eventually crumble communities
throughout the country and harm opportunities for future generations.

-How many of you who support cutting back food stamps/EBT have ever truly
been hungry? How many of you have gone several weeks not knowing from one day to
the next where your next meal will come from? How many of you have supplied a
supper of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches because that’s all you could
afford? Or skipped meals yourself so someone else in your family could eat? The
comments from many of you who support reductions in food availability have
obviously never experienced true hunger. I hope you never do, but until that day
comes your comments display true ignorance.

-They need to make sure there’s no fraud.

-Less than 5% of the population controls 90% of the money in the US.
Penalizing human beings for being poor is shameful.

-It’s called work. Everyone should try it.

-Access to SNAP and other assistance programs ought to be easier and looser,
not more difficult and tighter in our current social and economic climate. For
instance, programs don’t allow for building or maintaining a so-called
emergency fund that could be used to cover such expenses that assistance
programs do not such as vehicle or home repairs. It doesn’t allow individuals
or families to create any sort of buffer before access to the benefits are cut
off, such as continuing benefits for, say, 12 months after finding a new job.

I’m glad the programs exist for the dire emergency situations they cover,
but with many people mired in low-wage jobs, there’s often a long-term
dependence on these programs, and they’re not structured to support that
use.It also doesn’t address the disabled population who aren’t able to work
and are even more dependent upon these programs long-term. In the absence of
other adequate social programs, including non-governmental programs, SNAP needs
to be given more funding and allow greater and more flexible access, not less.

If the goal is to minimize dependence on SNAP and other assistance programs,
the way to address it is through wage and hour laws. Make it more difficult for
employers to utilize things like split shifts or unpredictable scheduling. Make
it more difficult for employers to keep employers in part time or flex time
positions rather than full time. I’ve held flex-time positions where the
employer capped my hours so they wouldn’t have to make full-time benefits
available, which has a cascading effect on an individual’s or family’s
budget, like having to spend more on healthcare and leaving fewer funds
available for transportation or food.

In a deregulated society, those in positions of power, largely, abuse their
power and greedily gather more wealth and power by siphoning them from the most
vulnerable. The choice is to either adequately regulate things like wage and
hours practices or to offer more robust and accessible assistance programs. I
suppose the other option is to allow people to suffer, but I certainly don’t
advocate that approach.

-Yes, too much fraud out there! I also support people not being able to use
it indefinitely, should be a very short time limit that welfare can be used.

-Been needed for years too many people getting them that should not

-With this economy we need to EXPAND food stamps. I am getting sick and tried
of rich people getting insane amounts of corporate welfare then acting like poor
people getting food stamps is a bad thing. Not every state has food pantries in
fact some have food pantries closed down. It’s like someone wants a real life
hunger games.

-We shouldn’t support them completely. It should be the last resort. It
should also only be enough to get by, not happily live. That way people are
trying to live only off food stamps, they are forced to continue to try and find

-Millions of people shouldn’t be cut off from access to basic human needs
because of the possibility that a relatively low number of them might “take
advantage of the system”.

-Millions of people shouldn’t be cut off from access to basic human needs
because of the possibility that a relatively low number of them might “take
advantage of the system”.

-If you will ever get people off the gov’t dole, then this economy is the
best in a half century. There are more jobs than available people and employers
are making all sorts of accomodations to gind workers. Get SNAP recipients out
and looking for work, help them regain self worth through gainful productive

-There are too many who are capable of working but are lazy, don’t want to
work but would rather love off hard-working people who pay for the lazy ones.
There are many jobs available so get a job & stop living off someone else!

-I do support tightening guidelines for food stamps; however insusting on
savings accounts, etc., seems an inordinately strict requirement. I know
single/widowed people who are living hand-to-mouth and only survive because of
food stsmps. These people do not have enough money to have a savings account.

-What… now they are going to starve people to death? Increase the wealth
gap with tax breaks for the uber rich and eliminate social safety nets for the
majority of Americans who can’t make a living wage… they aren’t even
hiding it anymore… increase their wealth and privilege and cut essential
programs to pay for it! I’m so over this!

-Food stamps are vital and affect the most vulnerable. The system is very
efficient and unavailable for undocumented persons. For those saying they are
used for steak and lobster, there are restrictions against this AND laws against
selling stamps for cash to buy unsupported items like booze which needs better
enforcement sadly.

-Food, air, and water are essential to life. Are we turning into that kind of
people? I hope not.

-Tons of abuse, any time any government entity is in charge of anything their
is way to much abuse. No real accountability.

-Oh for pity sakes. This is about FOOD for hungry and needy people! Why is
this an issue? Food should be available for all who need it without having to
sacrifice an arm and a leg.

-I’d bet that a few less golf trips would more than cover the food stamps;
someone’s priorities are messed up big time.

-This is just heartless. You vote to give millionaires a big tax cut, and
because you have blown up our National Debt, you want to take food from the
poor. Disgusting.

-If we can give billions in hand outs to corporations and the super rich then
we can definitely feed our people, I mean where are our priorities!?! I find it
grotesque that this is even something being considered. Yeah let’s take away
from the poorest of the poor so we can give away even more to the mega rich.

-No. I support ending corporate welfare! We spend billions subsidizing the
companies with the most obscene profits, including Big Polluters, Big Pharma
Insurance, Tobacco, etc.

-Those people on federal food stamp programs are in desperate need of good
food and nutrition this is a minimal support that we can give the people in our
country and should not be tampered with any further.I have a sister who is blind
and depends on this federal program how many more programs are we going to allow
this administration to take away from those in need? Enough is enough please
contact your representatives and put an end to this lunacy.

-The death penalty is an expensive proposition and does not comport with the
GOP’s so-called pro life stance. Too many innocent people have been on death
row before being exonerated. We need to do away with the death penalty, not
re-institute it.

-Maybe trump and his evil minions would have no problem with citizens
starving to death or dying from unaffordable but treatable medical conditions,
but the rest should not stand for this.

-This is about a small few that get off on being superior to those in need
and their pleasure of fulfilling a need for power over someone else. Small

-Tightening access to food stamps is the first part in the Trump
administrations effort to turn corrupt, broken, and pricy welfare system into a
more cost-effective welfare to work system. Requiring recipients to save their
money (instead of depending on more welfare in the future) helps people retire
well and know they have a safety net to fall back on if disaster strikes.
Considering the disastrous debt crisis we are currently on the verge of, putting
in place work requirements, excluding illegals from all and legal aliens of most
benefits, and requiring safety nets is the least we can do to cut costs.

-No I don’t suppose tightening the rules for helping people eat. There are
millions of people who work hard everyday for some of the richest corporations
that depends on food assistance program. I believe it was a couple years ago a
Walmart store had a sign up in their employee area asking other employees to
donate food to help coworkers eat for the holidays. The Walton family own half
of the shares of Walmart are very wealthy family. People are working for multi
rich corporations and their employees have to rely on government programs to
make ends meet. Why is it Republicans NEVER have an issue with giving taxes
breaks to the wealth, corporations, military spending, oil companies etc. But
there is never enough money to help under paid workers! Wonder how many people
who voted for him will be effected by this policy?

-Poor people are already under thd gun with trump’s policies where the tax
cuts went to the1% rich while the rest of us are hurting & they are hurting
worst of all because they have to have 2 or 3 jobs to survive & kids and
hurt the worst. Republicans- you have to have that child, BUT HELL NO WE’RE

-I’m all for helping people just like everyone else. I’m not for handing
out free shit because you refuse to work for it. Any type of government
assistance should be used as a crutch until you get back on your feet. It should
not be a lifestyle. I understand some people require assistance and that’s
fine. Cracking down on this is common sense but is probably split down party
lines. SNAP participation is at an 8 year low. The Dems need people to rely on
them so they can get the votes. GOP pushes people to work for themselves. Look
at Europe and their welfare programs. It’s a disaster b/c people take
advantage of it. That will be us soon if we don’t start cracking down on fraud
and abuse. If you’re caught abusing our system for the needy, you should be
permanently removed from ever receiving assistance in the future.

-Yes. Obama, with Congress’ assistance expanded our welfare programs past any
reasonable limit. Support Trump’ work to correct this. America is Broke. Stop
borrowing money. Alms must never be given with borrowed money.

-After reading the associated articles on this subject matter, this question
appears to be misleading. Rather than tightening access to food stamps, the
articles speak to closing loopholes as it relates to expanded categorical
eligibility. As I understand it, the original qualification of SNAP was
consistent from state to state. Since then, expanded categorical eligibility
replaced this principle and as a result, abuse transpired. The intent of program
is being misused and not necessarily serving the targeted audience it was
created for.

-Yes!! Less people on this means the money can go to other things, help
people that actually need it and cut down on fraud

-I’m in support of making food stamps more accessible. Especially for
families with children and for the elderly. As it stands now many people who
need food stamps can’t get them because they are just above the qualification
for government assistance. Which means they have to decide what other priority
will they forgo to put food on their table. Do I not put gas in my car and try
to find a ride to work to feed my kids? Will I be late on my rent again to feed
my babies? These are the types of decisions facing millions of Americans every
night. In the wealthiest country in the world no one who works should be

-Our great and glorious economy hasn’t created and jobs that pay a living
wage. It’s only benefit the rich investors. Food is a human right.

-It is unconscionable to remove support for basic needs from a vulnerable

-What is needed is better detection of abuse of the system. We don’t need
to make it harder to get in the system.

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