The Status Quo Bias

A Contrarian’s message for commentators
Perhaps it’s a sign of the times that some of my comments have disappeared from posts on FB and other social media sites. Many of the original article supporters have posted comments that are at odds with my orientation, but I do not erase them when they conflict with my orientation.

Moderators elsewhere choose to filter out oppositional or contrarian commentary, in effect supporting the orientation of the local group; yet see no problem with doing that. For example, some may consider it “OK” to say: “Pray for Pres. Trump”, while to me intercessory prayer has no affect on outcomes, and trump is a dysfunctional element in modern life. If I say so, it is viewed as provocative…but the same is not so for the original prayer request.

That’s fine with me…if someone doesn’t like my comments, please let me know in a PM and I will refrain from wasting my time posting messages that will never be seen – fairly.


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