The Decline of Empires

There have been a number or imperial powers in World history, all of which came together with great zeal, effort, and force, and all which collapsed or dissipated into irrelevancy over time. See if you can detect any common elements in the decline.


Several Features in the Decline of the Roman Empire
a) declines in morals and ethical behavior
b) public health
c) political corruption
d) unemployment
e) inflation
f) urban decay
g) inferior technology
h) military spending
i) collapse of administrative organizations

Several Features in the Decline of the British Empire
a) political rifts at home and defeats abroad
b) the rise of a competing power in Germany
c) the isolation period ended
d) social discord related to class
e) the abdication of Edward VIII
f) independence movements in Ireland, Burma, Palestine, and India
g) loss of manpower due to WWII
h) the Suez Crisis

Several Features in the Decline of the American Empire
a) imperial demands
b) fractured politics
c) large segmentation of economic, social, and political resources by class
d) jingoistic foreign policies combined with military interventions Worldwide
e) disintegration of the “Melting Pot” social compact
f) dysfunctional health care system
g) excessive personal and public debt
h) over-emphasis on military responses to international relations
i) exaggerated personal and religious liberty focus and decline in civic engagement
j) constant economic upheavals
k) loss of affiliation and attachment to science, acknowledged facts, and rationality
l) awareness of the imminent imperial decline

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