Iranian sanctions examined

The perfidy of sanctions

by Richard Pressl on Facebook   
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“Waivers” are a disingenuous term for racketeering and extortion. The US is hell-bent on attacking Iran’s economy, foreign trade, infrastructure, and energy systems. The antipathy toward Iran from Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the US are not shared by other regional powers, nor other members of the Security Council. The provocations the US is directing toward Iran are reminiscent of those used in the waters off North Vietnam in the early 1960s, which lead to War in SouthEast Asia.

The history of US sanctions on foreign countries amply demonstrates how counter-productive they have been: against Cuba, Vietnam, Russia, Iraq, Iran, China, Venezuela, and Brazil.

One need only remember that one of the foundation complaints of both Al Qaeda and ISIS was the US application of punishing sanctions against the citizens of Iraq. Going further back in history we have other examples where US economic and military actions against other countries lead directly and indirectly to War.

And since we have all but given up any pretense of honorable diplomacy, or respect for international law, we seem destined to continue on this destructive path until we provoke another War, with a country that IS capable of bringing harm to us domestically.

The U.S. government is considering additional sanctions against Iran that would …

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