The bitching about Omar and AOC

by Richard @ Flexible Reality – Apr. 13th, 2019


The MSM and Social Media commentators are busily lambasting the four most vocal new House Democrats, all women of color, for their statements about particular issues. A contrarian might argue it appears their exposures of dysfunctional positions considered sacrosanct by the powers that be may be the primary element in the opposition to their statements. Not so much to what they say, as it is to them saying it at all.

Even if it were accurate to reduce AOC, Pressley, Tlbia, or Omar’s “effect” in politics to a single issue, (which it is not – except to R’s)…a single issue campaign against a signature shortcoming or injustice can change the World…from JFK’s campaign to land a man on the surface of the Moon and return him safely to Earth, to MLK Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement’s role in the July 2nd, 1964 Civil Rights Act, to John Craig Venter ‘s campaign to map the human genome, each were “campaigns” in favor of something, or in opposition to something else. We should not hold it against Venter that he didn’t work on the Eagle Lander, or march in Selma with John Lewis. The issue to us -should be- that we are “right” about something, and actively work to enhance “something” in the human condition – even if on first contact, as with some AOC’s presentations, they are are “not ideal”, welcomed, or even possible.

One must remember that when JFK made his proclamation on May 25, 1961, no one knew how to land a man on the moon, or if it was even possible, yet eight years later on July 20, 1969 Neal Armstrong stepped onto the surface of the Moon and proclaimed for the benefit of all: “the Eagle has landed”.

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