Trump is Captain Dirgo

Which Star Trek captain is Trump most like?

He is like Captain Dirgo, from Star Trek: The Next Generation’s “Final Mission.” (Ep. 4×09)

Dirgo was a shuttle captain with delusions of grandeur that outpaced his ability or intelligence. He was incompetent at his job, smugly believing his skills to be greater than they were, with no basis in reality.

And, much like Trump, he didn’t even know how to shake hands properly.

He was childishly defensive any time someone seemed to cast aspersions on him or his ship, yet his custom thruster configuration on his shuttle, which he declared to be “more efficient,” failed minutes after leaving dock, causing it to crash. He doubted Captain Picard’s toughness, but ultimately only survived the thruster failure because Captain Picard and Wesley Crusher were on hand to assist in landing on a nearby moon.

He was completely unprepared, without any emergency food or water in his ship, much like Donald Trump’s completely lack of preparation when he took the office of President. No healthcare plan, no immigration reform plan, no military plan, no foreign policy plan, etc…

Further, Dirgo lied when it benefited him, selfishly hiding supplies from the others in a survival situation. Trump also lies habitually, always looking out for his own best interest and image.

But his greatest similarity to Donald Trump is that Dirgo made decisions based on his gut instinct rather than any evidence or science. Here, he runs headfirst into an alien barrier protecting a water source.

He never thought things through, acting impatiently with a “shoot first, ask questions later” mentality, even when warned repeatedly. Here he is, idiotically firing on the water barrier without even so much as scanning the thing.

He refused to take responsibility for the consequences of his foolhardy actions, even when they hurt other people, as Picard was when Dirgo caused a cave-in from his phaser fire.

Even after failure, he stubbornly continued to use the same methods, endangering those around him. One phaser didn’t work? Let’s try two! Moron.

Much like Trump, Dirgo is a creature of pure Id, acting completely out of whim, fear and pettiness. And most significantly, a deeply-seated sense of insecurity. Both men are prime examples of overcompensation.

And while Trump’s eventual prison won’t be a crystalline cocoon, the way this Russia investigation is going, it’s sure to be uncomfortable, whether literally or figuratively.

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