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The eBay – Amazon Con-Job affecting Sellers
As an online Buyer or Seller one expects those they deal with on these sites to be somewhat honest and rational. Except now we are somewhere else – as a Seller I have had several buyers purchase a used item, pay for it, have it shipped to them, and then must endure a melange of aggravations due to the Buyer complaining about some condition of the item, while demanding a refund.
Both Amazon and eBay go one step further, by providing a clearly displayed option to refund the Buyer’s payment, and allow the Buyer to retain possession of the item, plus have the Seller absorb the cost of shipping the item!
In fact, with Amazon, that is the default option for dealing with return requests. So of course, the con artists saw their opportunity to scam Sellers, and that is exactly what is happening.
We have been a buyer and seller on eBay and Amazon ever since they came online, and occasionally experienced this or other con jobs…maybe once every several months, but it’s now gotten to the point it happens frequently…more than 10% of all our online sales end this way.
Over the 20+ years we have almost always maintained a 100% satisfaction rating with these sites, but even one unhappy buyer who leaves “negative feedback” can be costly to one’s online reputation and affect the fees that eBay and Amazon charge Sellers.
In short, both venues have made it very easy to extort money from Sellers on their platforms, while simultaneous making it impossible to attach negative feedback for unsavory or dishonest Buyers.
And for the venues themselves, giving the Buyer full-reign in transactions is a no-brainer…Sellers have no one to complain to, whereas Buyers can go to their elected officials and organizations and file notices and claims that cost these sites time and effort to resolve.
And lastly, a Seller that handles thousands of low value new items doesn’t care about this, it only seriously affects those who sell used and high-value items.


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