Danger to our democratic republic in Trump’s TV address: Jan 8th, 2019

Prior to the televised address:

An overview of the potential hazards of invoking a “National Emergency”



An in-depth analysis of all the major abridgments to traditional law and practice which an NE would permit:



So what could go wrong?



Photo below is of the “Bonus Army” march on Washington, D.C. – Summer 1932 which has a relationship to the NE.

Following the address:

Trump attempted to make his case, but it came off poorly, he even had difficulty reading off a teleprompter! The only positive was he did not invoke a National Emergency, although he did hint that he was considering implementing it.

He tried to conflate “border security” with “border wall” attempting to assert they are one and the same, when it’s clear they are not. Then he got to the “emotional load” which has been used for decades in the “Law and Order” arguments, wherein he asks how listeners would react to a loved one being murdered by “an illegal alien”. He provided inaccurate and purposefully misleading numbers, and attempted to pin the blame for the shutdown on Democrats. He utterly failed to convince a  panel of child welfare professionals of any sincerity in his statements about being “one” with the concepts of humanitarian treatment of those seeking asylum. Instead, he tried to assert that all such individuals were drug dealers, murderers, rapists, (always with him is this interest), and those wanting to damage America. The worst part was the follow up on CBSN, where roughly 80% of surveyed Democrats say they are opposed to “the Wall”, and an equal percentage of Republicans support it. Clearly this polarization is exactly what our national adversaries are happy to see develop since it takes reason, utility, compromise, and collaboration off the table and replaces it with tribal instincts and extreme policies.

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