trump: Pro vs Con at Year Two

Rationales given for voting for or supporting Trump

*- A rage against downward social and economic conditions due to globalization

*- A backlash by WASP’s who fear losing power and prestige to immigrants, people of color, and social minorities

*- Because he is a successful businessman who will rescue the American economy

*- Because he is a disrupter who will restore white, male, paternal, Christian principles back onto center stage

*- He will lower taxes and encourage financial entrepreneurship and lower restrictions on capital

*- Because success depends on a business-oriented government

*- He will put a halt to the “feminization” of the country, and make sure women return to being dependent on male hegemony. 

*- He will resist movements toward “One World” socialism

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Rationales given for resisting and denying his legitimacy

*- Globalization is a creation of the business community, not Government, or private individuals

*- Most 1st World WASP Countries fertility rates among native-born citizens are not at replacement levels 

*- He has filed for bankruptcy four times, and businesses he started including casinos, airline, steaks, mortgages, and a university all failed and are no longer in business.

*- He has coddled up to murderous autocrats around the Globe including Putin, Duterte, Erdogan, and Mohammed bin Salman. He has aligned himself with leaders of the KKK, American Nazis, and White Nationalists. 

*- Governments cannot, should not, and do not function as business entities, and should never exist solely to make a profit.

*- He has repeatedly demonstrated his disdain for women, by conceiving five children with four different wives, and was unfaithful to each wife, plus engaged in several encounters with prostitutes while married. He frequently abuses women in person, and in online tweets.

*- Economically his actions and those of Republicans in the House have exalted private capital, lowered restrictions on wealth accumulation, and lowered taxes but only for the wealthy. Whereas for wage earners, Military personnel, Social Services Agencies, and Retirees the 2018 Tax Package distributed less than $100 to them, but it gave MILLIONS of dollars to the 1%’ers and some businesses.

*- He rewarded market manipulators, and those seeking to gain access to public land and resources for commercial gain.  His actions have blown a $1Tr hole in the budget and the beneficiaries of that money is only the monied interests, while the middle class gets stuck with the debt and paying interest on that debt.

*- He has consistently taken actions to benefit himself financially in violation of the Emoluments Clause of the US Constitution. He has appointed Federal Agency administrators who have no experience, training, or expertise in that realm other than making their fortunes by circumventing rules promulgated by the agency they were chosen to lead. 

*- He has displayed a shocking lack of interest in, or knowledge about Government operations, scientific findings, ethical lapses by members of his Administration, International law, diplomatic protocol, and public knowledge.

*- He has debased American involvement, prestige, and influence in International affairs and seems intent on creating “Fortress America” complete with walls, prisons, private militaries, and de-legitimization attempts against journalism, judicial oversight, and public sovereignty.

*- He has appointed administrators of many Federal Agencies who are on record as opposing the principles and actions of the Agency they were appointed to lead, and has failed to appoint ambassadors, diplomats and civil servants to existing posts, for example: America had no Ambassador in Germany, South Korea, and Egypt even after a year of his Administration. 

*- The private opinions of countless public citizens including cohorts and peers who have dealt with him are uniformly unflattering. He has displayed nasty, petty, vindictive, brutish, cruel, and belligerent talk and actions, and averages issuing more than 7 easily refuted lies daily.    

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