Two Worlds

Two Distinct Worlds

One is populated by more elderly people, more likely to live in rural areas, are predominately Evangelical Christians, fiercely Nationalistic, comfortable with authority and precedent, focused on heritage, dislikes the highly educated, prone to reject scientific consensus on climate change and evolution, more likely to accept fringe positions on immigration, conspiracy theories, malevolent actors or intrigue, moderately to strongly opposed to immigration, social equality, international agreements, abortion,  secularism, and fiercely pro-gun and law & order. Heros are Gen. Patton and Ronald Reagan.

Two is generally concentrated in urban, and metropolitan areas, generally better educated, consisting of people with a wide variety of economic, social, ethnic, faith, and religious orientations, generally tolerant of change, diversity, and respect for science and reason. Generally more spiritual but less dogmatically religious. Respects international law, but has much lower automatic respect for authority and tradition. Heros are George Carlin and Carl Sagan

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