Freedoms vs something else

People who see our present political condition in a “freedom” vs ‘something else’ frame of reference are unfortunately incapable or unwilling to see it as it really is.

We are NOT either at Mayberry, nor Abilene, West of the Pecos, or Haight Ashbury, nor at Pearl Harbor, nor at Ground Zero. We are the product of all; but some of us seem intent on centering on only one heritage, and attempting to shoehorn all considerations through only that lens.

The “freedoms” one has on the Plains in North Dakota with a population density of four people per square mile are NOT THE SAME as what is appropriate in Manhattan with a population density of 66,940 people per square mile!

As stated elsewhere by Justice Holmes, taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society, so too does this concept apply to constraints on individual “freedoms”.

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