Considering the Hajj

The following is a series of comments from the main page referencing the Hajj


Richard Pressl – Questions: If the first Islamic mosque was built by Mohammad in Madina, why is the Hajj held in Mecca? What does the historical record prove about the biological existence of Ibrahim, and how tenuous are the links between Abraham and Mohammad since they “lived” at least 2,000 years apart?

Ahmad Saud – Good questions you can read more about it on the internet so you can understand better than people tell you

Jeseem Mohamed – Because Hajj is an Abrahamic ritual. Abraham built the Kaaba originally. Prophet Muhammad (saw) is our last prophet but there were many others such as Jesus, Moses and Abraham. Hajj is all about Abraham’s sacrifices for our religion including sacrificing his own son for god.

Pooneh Mirkhani Jeseem Mohamed – Abraham re- builds it following the Noah’s flood. It was originally built by Adam as the house of God. God tests, the strength of Abraham’s religion by proposing the idea of sacrifice ….on his son. This is the main difference between Muslims and Jews as Muslims believe it was Ismail and Jews believe it was Isaac.

Richard Pressl – I have…but the narrative built around Ibrahim does not fully explain the worship area preference, the historical record, nor for that matter is there concrete evidence for the existence of Ibrahim, such as his birth or death dates. Like for Jesus these biological “facts” have been nebulized – while the Sumerian, Egyptian, and Chinese cultures have documented histories for their major public figures dated back to about 2,600BCE, the real evidence for the existence of almost any major religious figure from the Levant is lacking. For example, Flavius Joseph’s dating of Jesus’s death occurs fifty years after the event would have happened.

Richard Pressl – Ok, I’ve got that Jeseem…but I’m confused: based solely on texts, the estimated life of Abraham was somewhere between 2100 BC to 1800 BC, and the life of Muhammad from about 570AD. In other words, at least 2,000 years between the life cycles of each figure – yet modern presentations seem to imply a more direct relationship.

William Simmers – I’m an atheist and I love understanding religions, they make up a large part of the belief systems of most people in this world. You’re never going to have any understanding of the world if you don’t understand the people in it.

Yassmine Bouali – So many ignorant comments. If you are Christian, do you realize you worship the same God? My dear Muslim brothers and sisters, I have one quote for you ” It doesn’t befit the lion to answer the dogs” Imam Al Shafi (RA).

Dave Stocking – We have shared flights with folk returning from the Hajj Its very very special and life affirming to the participants we were left with very warm feelings for the people. A special memory we will always cherish.

Ivaylo Markov – Nothing says 21st century like documenting your ancient tribal superstitions with technology that comes from a cultural background of questioning dogmata. We humans are so unworthy of leaving Earth and spreading into the universe at this point. Nope, I don’t care about the specifications of your particular out-of-date belief system a.k.a. religion

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