A talented writer sends a letter to Amlo

by Denise Dresser
-translated from original Spanish –  Jul 5th, 2018 by rp
Mr. President, I write you these lines, seated at my desk, with a thumb stained by indelible ink, with mixed feelings. Hope and anxiety. Joy and fear. Joy for what we decided to leave behind and worry about what will come. I know why you won; I know why the vote turned in your favor. Like no one else who traveled the country you understood their anger. Like no one else you captured the feeling of the outraged, the angry ones. Years of diluted democracy, transitions, growing inequality, crippling poverty. Years of removing the PRI from the forest to see a replacement return, more corrupt, more rapacious, more heartless. Years of institutions placed in the service of power and not the citizen. And you, the insurgent, offered what so many wanted to hear. The re-foundation. The Transformation. The breakup with the old regime. You invited the country to make history with you. And most of them accompanied you; some with enthusiasm, others with ambivalence, many to give a kick to PRI’ism.

The PRI had to be punished for its patrimonialism and bread for minimizing Arloites. We had to shake the system and punch the status quo. It was imperative to resume the path of a transition that was truncated by a “partidocracia”, electoral authorities that were losing credibility and impartiality, a system of justice for the protection of the privileged, a pact of impunity that allowed the political survival of rot. We were sabotaging democratic consolidation, term after term. We allow “Neoliberalism to Mexican” to concentrate wealth and perpetuate poverty. We ignore the violence that was turning pieces of the country into nobody’s land, disputed by cartels, a pigpen of corpses and pits. We contemplate how the war on drugs became a war against Mexicans, led by armed forces who do not know how to be on the streets, filling them with “collateral damage”. 240,000 dead, 34,000 missing; the figures of the Barbarism. The figures of a broken Mexico.And you were there from plaza in plaza, the village in town, giving voice to horror. Fuelling the grievances and recognizing them. You succeeded because your diagnosis is right. Mexico has been plundered by its elites and squeezed for its interests in frozen and victimized by its trade union and business “veto-cracy”. The Pendulum of history ran from accumulation to redistribution; from the right to the left as Albert Hirschman explained. All that I understand, I recognize it. But still, I’m not one of the joyous who wants to hug you, raise your shoulders. Because I don’t know how you will rule, who you will hear, which members of the “Mafia in power” you will forgive, what economic model you will instruct, which justice system you will build, if you will be the notable leader of a progressive left or the questionable leader of a “Lopez-Obradorismo” Conservative. Before us there is a Terra.I’m not afraid of Mexico becoming Venezuela. I’m afraid of Mexico remaining the same Mexico. A country fed by a giving state that creates containers instead of participants. A country that keeps friends with capitalism, but only with their own friends. A hegemonic party system renewed with few balances. A corroded institutional scaffolding whose flaws are begged by the resurrected “Presidentialism”. I am encouraged by your personal incorruptibility, the profile of certain people around you, the spirit of renewal that accompanies you. I am concerned that attacks on the press, disdain to Congress, the “of ours” to the supreme court, the disqualified civil society, division of the population between the ” good ” that support you unconditionally and the “bad” that seek only to question you. And it is true that many of the organizations and institutions you point out are indefensible. But we’ll have to remodel them, not jump over them.

Today, the day later, I will be doing my tasks: watching your, demanding, reminding you of the imperative of reconciling us. To rule on behalf of everyone and not only those who voted for you. To recognize pluralism and promote tolerance. To combat privileges and corruption but also in your own party. And I tell you: Mexico is not the country of Amlo or brunette or its governors or its members. It’s the country of one. Our country. In 2018 and always.



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