trump is a disaster…let me detail the ways

by Richard @ Flexible Reality – June 24th, 2018

Humanity arose through the efforts and realizations of our fore-bearers that a group was superior in ability, strength, and talents to any one individual. As the groups increased in size and complexity the benefits of the community eventually required the acquiescence and active support of a larger and larger collective. Each individual essentially chose, for example, to be an Apache rather than a Crow, a Hun rather than a Visigoth. Some were forced to choose between being a Capulet or a Montague.  Many conflicts in our history were simply based on clan antipathy. And here we are a few millennia later in 21st Century America where tribal affiliation has delegitimized the values and virtues of community.

As of June 2018, voters who identify as Republicans give Pres. Trump a 90% approval rate, while Democrats hover around 9%, with Independents at 35%; yet in the recent 2016 General Election, each party’s candidate won approximately 50% of the popular vote. The two sets of numbers seem to make no sense. The disapproval rate for POTUS performance by members of the opposition party has been over 50% for decades, at least since Eisenhower, with the two Democratic party Presidents rated above 50%, and the two Republicans rated below.

Which brings us to Donald J. Trump, and his role in American society. Professional historians, who are by nature and training predisposed toward a long-term analysis of any action, or any nation’s records have already asserted that Mr. Trump will most likely be adjudged as America’s worst President, or roughly equivalent to Pres. Buchanan, who presided over the dissolution of the Union in 1861. Since Trump is only 18 months into a four-year term this is an astonishing rebuke.

The International appraisal of Mr. Trump, and America’s performance in World affairs since his inauguration shares this evaluation. In a WIN/Gallup poll in 2014, three years before the installation of trump,  citizens in 68 countries said the country considered the greatest threat to World peace was America. Since his inauguration, Mr. Trump has canceled America’s participation in several internationally created treaties and constructs designed to protect and support normative behavior such as the TPP, the Paris Accords, the JCPOA,  and the ICC. Mr. Trump has also disparaged NATO member States, has just recently canceled joint military exercises with South Korea, and spent considerate time on Twitter lambasting Canada, the UK, France, Germany and Japan, while simultaneously holding one-on-one meetings with a series of autocratic depots from the Philippines, Turkey, Russia, and the DPRK.

But the damage Mr. Trump has inflicted on America in international affairs, and domestic governance pales in comparison to the harm he brought to civil society. Like others, I have spent my entire adult life attempting to be a better person, and a better citizen, who loves, honors, and cherishes truth, knowledge, honesty, civility, fair play, justice, tolerance, fidelity, compassion, integrity, duty, and honor. Mr. Trump’s words and deeds attempt to subvert and delegitimize all of these, while he actively supports those for whom these principles are mere impediments to their desires.

As his son stated in an interview, his inauguration as President was a “step down” from his self-proclaimed billionaire status. He exhibits all the tell-tale signs associated with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, where everything and everyone else is valued solely on the basis of what they do for him. His on-record actions of anti-social behavior from mocking the disabled, to tirades against Gold Star families, to urging campaign attendees toward violence against outsiders, to literally hundreds of nasty tweets directed toward women, native Americans, Latinos, Democrats, the News Media, officials in the various Federal agencies, toward the U.S. Intelligence community, and to anyone who challenges him in any manner should be ample proof of his unfitness to serve in high office. Then there are the six bankruptcy filings he was a principal in, and the recent $120 million fine approved against him for his role in Trump University, or the hush-money payment of $130,000 to Stormy Daniels for her silence, or the frequent violations of the emoluments clause of the U.S. Constitution.  Finally, there are the displays of personality dysfunction, abhorrence of traditional social norms, and irresponsible, even sub-human behavior to those around him.

Even Buchanan never embraced the lure of fascism or dictatorship as Trump has on several occasions. We are at a perilous period in the decline of the American Empire, which echoes the dangers experienced by the Chinese, Greeks, Romans, Turks, Mongols, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, and English. The last, England, gave up Empire to remain a Democracy. We can only hope to be so smart, and so lucky.

And finally, by granting this POTUS the “right” to extreme behavior, we will guarantee the future appearance of someone far worse for our Country who uses the trump phenomenon as a model.


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