A FB post & commentary sparked by #TheBoyCrises vis School shooters


Craig Schaffer: So you assume lesbian couples can’t raise a child that isn’t a mass murderer? Lots of single mothers out there doing s fantastic job as well.

Sheri Spain: One thing school shooters have in common is a history of domestic violence.

Doug Franks The Truth About Domestic Violence – You’ll Never Believe… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KgBVedec_0&t=168s

Sheri Spain Yes. Men are abused. No doubt. However, lethality comes at the hands of men far more often.

Richard Pressl Oh, so it’s another manifestation of a Daddy or parenting problem eh? – https://slate.com/…/its-ridiculous-to-blame-lenient…

Richard Pressl In the room – is an elephant, an 800 pound gorilla, and Pepe – so let’s, of course, talk about Pepe…

Doug Franks So your article does not address single moms. It talks about parents as in 2 and yes a Man and a Woman. I do not believe in spanking by the way. How is the 71% single black moms doing with their boys? Did they do a study on that or is it just the white male privilege to blame that one on? I am so sick of poor parenting because of greed women must work to have that new car and that $400K house. Richard Pressl what would your mom and dad have done if you would have been 27 and playing video games in the basement? What is it to be a man anymore is the big question.

Christina Bullins Doug Franks really? That is quite offensive when the reality is many moms MUST work to make ends meet NOT to have all these extras. You darn well know that it used to be a one income household was more then enough to provide but for most now it isn’t. Also, they have done plenty of studies that show that most working mothers work because they have to. We have come to a time in history when the spread of wealth is no longer a liberal topic. It is very rare for working people (not ones with a Masters degree) to find a job that has family health insurance that doesn’t cost an arm and leg. You dare call working women greedy! Wow!

Richard Pressl Doug Franks: You’re conflating lots of miscellaneous considerations in your comments: ie, spanking, black women, white male privilege, and adult children living at home. Let me address only one of those: kids living at home after graduation. One – their education loans must be paid. Two – the median monthly cost of a one-bedroom apartment varies from a low of $525 in Cleveland, Ohio, to a high of $3,600 in San Francisco. If one accepts the notion that housing should be no more than 30% of a person’s income that means the lowest rung must make over $1,732 monthly. Ok, now consider what the starting salary is for the typical employed person in the U.S. Finally calculate what percentage their rent is of that income. Adult children remaining at home does not threaten the social order in any manner –  it’s simply a response by some to existing conditions.

Richard Pressl Back in the early sixties, I made just over $200/wk, and paid about $30/wk for a walk-up in Hoboken, utilities included. And this is not unusual. Can you find a one bedroom in Atlanta for less than $900/mo, or an entry level job that pays $32k/yr?

Christina Bullins Doug Franks where is your reference to white privilege come from? The post is about all parents.

Richard Pressl Doug Franks As to the section: “What is it to be a man anymore is the big question.” – it’s probably safe to assert that most people include having integrity, being honest in dealings with others, maintaining decency, acceptance of diversity in responsible others, respect for legitimate authority, fidelity to one’s spouse and family members, and constant efforts to exert intellectual rigor into any discussion. BTW: This is -NOT- just a male model, it applies equally well to any member of the human race.

Richard Pressl What being “a man” means today does NOT include being patriarchial toward women nor to the automatic condemnation of others based on age, gender, skin color, religious affiliation, physical condition, income, educational attainment, or looks. As MLK Jr. says it is the CONTENT of a person as expressed in ACTIONS of that individual that determine the quality of “a man” – or any sentient being for that matter.

Doug Franks MLK did not think being gay was a right so all of the streets need to be changed because his views may offend some? When does it end?

Richard Pressl Doug…are you practicing some routines for your online Troll Class 101? If not, lay off the Kool-Aid for a while.

Doug Franks No to Spanking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONNRfflggBg

Doug Franks The Truth About Sex: Facts You Won’t Believe Are True! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=um3EmS9DKsI&t=459s

Teresa Tozzo Lyles Then why aren’t fatherless women shooting?

Doug Franks The same reason that boys/men fight more commit suicide more get killed in industrial accidents more.testosterone is one of the big differences between women and men yes we are different But not according to the social justice warriors and the fourth wave feminist. We will be more like when men breastfeed and have babies until then men and women are different always will be.

Berna Jones My students without moms in their lives have a very difficult time in middle school. I know kids without the father figure have problems – but my motherless kids really struggle. It is just hard to be a kid these days.

Richard Pressl Create a chart comparing what males are good at and bad at in two columns, then do the same for females. Then add two more columns for what society values in a person, and what they dislike. Finally, pull out your book on statistics and trend analysis and determine which gender is “better suited” to the modern age. The “Boy Crises” is simply the result of a decline in the historical favoritism for male hegemony in society. China is now experiencing an unintended consequence of their “one child” policy, where tens of millions of males will have no chance to marry, especially if they are not above average.

Richard Pressl Instead of laying blame on parental structures to explain mass murderers one could easily assert an equally profound element is the extent of low-capacity males to mesh with modern times, especially when they have been trained to believe they are “superior” to others, or they are being deprived of some benefit which is due them. The conceit of males is readily apparent to anyone who has worked in criminal justice, as is the prevalence of low-capacity males to engage in anti-social activities. This principle also partially explains the attraction, and danger, of trumpism.

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