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Lookups for ‘deplorable’ spike following comments at a New York fund-raiser

Robert Bouillon I wonder if she included a chapter on this comment in her book, “What Happened”?

One would imagine it would be hard to convert a Trump supporter you once labelled as “deplorable”

From her address she said: “you can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorable” … – so that half of the target is not in the basket. Second defense: she said this at a fundraiser/meeting foSee More

Robert Bouillon I guess for me, it strikes a personal chord. Not because I supported Trump (I voted for Jill Stein). As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown a kind of allergy to name-calling and derogatory labels. They really serve no purpose other than to boost one’s own ego by demeaning someone else. Yes, many of the racist and homophobic actions partaken are repugnant, and deplorable. Does that make the people who perform them deplorable? I would argue no, because I understand that we’re all a product of our environment, our genetics, and out upbringing. We’re all human. If there’s a group of people behaving deplorably, it is a cultural problem. It is a leadership problem. It’s a government problem. If a person is raised to hate blacks, is that their fault? How do you SOLVE the problem? Certainly not by calling someone a name.

So for me, the context in which she delivers this message doesn’t change that perception that it was immature and reflected an egotistical perspective on her part, and poor leadership. I can tell you from many a facebook debate that telling someone who is racist that they are “deplorable” does not push the conversation in a productive direction, and for good reason.

She lost points with me, and disenfranchised many others who were on the fence, and rightfully so. It’s amazing to me that blunders this big are so overlooked as she highlights ‘Russian Meddling’ as the main reason she lost.

Robert Bouillon We should universally condemn racism, homophobia, etc, but not the people. Otherwise, you lose all hope of changing anything.

Richard Pressl Back in my college days, I participated in several group training programs designed to address dysfunctional personality issues, and as I recall, one of the prime transmission lines was to make sure offenders came to understand and internalize the notion their aberrations were “not socially acceptable”. I combined this with Altemeyer’s studies on sociopaths and formed the operating principle that your “social welfare” orientation toward aberrant behavior is suitable for large portions of humanity, yet there is a large segment that gains strength for their aberration by what they perceive as the acquiescence of a targeted audience. Translated to current political phraseology it yields the labeling of progressives as “snowflakes” by the Alt-Right. As a huge fan of “Justice”, I am willing to give people the benefit of doubt on the nature vs nurture seesaw; but once a person steps into the anti-social world I slowly shed allowances depending on how far the transgressions go. By choosing to actively support a candidate who publically supported a whole “basket full” of deplorable ideas, orientations, and actions – then, in my book they deserved to be called out for it – although ideally, not by Clinton herself….rather it should have been the community saying it.