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We have at least 4,500 existing Federal Laws, but in the period 2000 through 2007, Congress created at least 450 new crimes, the State & Federal authorities have rules, regulations, and laws covering almost all human activities, with more lawyers than any other country on Earth – but for some unexplained reason we cannot come up with elementary rules which other cultures and countries created years ago.
We have several times more laws related to contracts and property than to violence against people. Almost half of all those incarcerated are for victimless and property crimes. Over 50% of Federal prisoners were convicted of crimes involving drugs.
The non-white population which has a 7-22 times greater likelihood of being involved in police actions are most often represented, and charged with criminal activity in the criminal justice system by whites.
We have the highest rate of gun ownership, and one of the lowest rates of voting participation in the World. A greater proportion of citizens believe in angels than in evolution. We spend four times more on entertainment than on education. Citizens pay more for health care and college attendance than any other OECD Nation. Over a third of all Americans are clinically obese.
One in three native-born citizens failed the civics portion of the U.S. naturalization test,” compared with the 97.5 percent pass rate on the civics portion among foreign-born applicants.
We have one of the highest rates of charitable giving, and vehicle ownership per capita in the World.
Approximately one in every 150 citizens is currently serving in the Military. And roughly 7%. or 22 million people from a population base of 320M are veterans.
Over the past 70 years the evidence shows the economy does better in Democratic Administrations than in Republican ones; but voters believe the opposite is true. We bemoan and rate Congress as dysfunctional, but over 90% of House members running for re-election in the past several decades end up winning another term.
The typical person has a credit card debt of $5,700; but over 62% have less than $1,000 available in emergency cash.
We consume more than twice the average sugar intake of all 54 countries observed by Euromonitor, but consume less porn than other OECD countries.
A majority live in suburban locations with counties directly on the shoreline – which constitute less than 10 percent of the total land area – accounting for 39 percent of the total population.

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