Obama’s legacy

 A Facebook Stream regarding Obama’s legacy

Richard Pressl A somewhat common feature that distinguishes Democratic vs Republican Administrations is the former is faulted for the things they DIDN’T do, while the latter is despised for the things it DID. Recent examples follow that pattern precisely.

Wayne Fuller Yes, of course you’re correct. My critique of Obama is not say he wasn’t a good President but that he missed some big themes. I still believe that if Obama had brought some of the Wall Street perpetrators to justice and even seized some banks and forSee More
Marc Ellis I just read Hillary’s book in which she repeatedly states that Obama saved the nation after the 2008 fiscal crisis. What do you think she is referring to? Did he actually reform the finance sector or did he just bail them out? I am actually asking the question. I don’t know and I was intrigued by her comments about it.
Wayne Fuller Marc Ellis On March 27, 2009 Obama gave a speech to the Wall Street CEOs. He began the address by warning them about the “pitchforks” and angry public but then he reassured them that they could count on him to protect them; that he had no intention ofSee More
Richard Pressl Yes, I absolutely agree with you on this Wayne. It is the #1 flaw in his presidency…#2 was his personal participation in the drone assassination program. .

Wayne Fuller I have been pounding on this theme since the second year of the Obama Presidency. I felt at that time that his moral deafness in light of what the Bank executives did was going to be an open sore in his Presidency that would never heal. I would look at the frustration, disillusionment, and opposition that began to build towards Obama and I traced it back to the fact that not only was justice denied but that those who suffered as a result of the great recession continued to do so while the 1% and even the professional class went merry on its way. Trump would not have happened if Obama had demanded justice, prosecuted some of the worst offenders of the banking crisis and even seized some banks and forced them to appoint a new executive team without giving golden parachutes to those leaving. Then Obama’s other policies would have been supported. Republicans would have ended up on the wrong side of the equation and Hillary or some other Democrat would have won easily. But Obama was morally blind and that blindness has led us to the precipice of a fascist state, which I expect to happen, under Trump. Our democracy is about to end and there’s not much we can do about it.

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