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Who is Donald Trump? Well, Part drama queen. Part conman. Part egomaniac. Part racist. Part woman-hater. Part sexual assaulter. Part cheapskate. Part spoiled brat. Full-time Fornicating adulterer. And there’s more… Here’s the proof:

 He’s the guy with “the best memory in the world” who couldn’t recall a beauty pageant contestant, an Hispanic women, even when he was reminded that he called her “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping”; and then the next day he said she was the worst Miss Universe ever.

He’s the “arbiter of good taste” who called a woman disgusting who used a break to use a breast pump, and who called Hillary disgusting for taking a bathroom break during a break in a Democratic debate, while he actually appeared in a Playboy porn video in the year 2000.

He’s the ‘philanthropist’ who pays his own bills with charity money, he buys pictures of himself with charity money, and hey, guess what, it’s not even really a registered charity.

He’s the ‘friend to veterans’ who lost numerous cases when sued after failing to comply with handicap access laws for his buildings, dragging out cases for years, even when it involved a disabled veteran.

He’s the ‘diplomat’ who claimed in 2014, “I spoke indirectly and directly with [Russian] President Putin, who could not have been nicer.” And in 2015, “And I got to know him [Putin]very well because we were both on 60 Minutes.” And finally, the truth, in 2016, “I have nothing to do with Putin. I have never spoken to him.”

He’s the ‘transparent’ guy who won’t show us his taxes.

He’s the ‘patriotic American’ who took 9-11 clean-up funds intended for small businesses. And he said he lost hundreds of friends on 9-11, yet he can’t name one.

He’s the guy who has a good relationship with ‘the blacks’ who flip-flopped and lied for years about President Obama’s birth, ran full-page ads calling for the death penalty for 5 young teenage blacks wrongfully accused of raping a white woman in Central Park (The Central Park Five), and refused to rent to blacks.

He’s the self-described ‘really smart person’ who had his own hotel’s payment systems hacked in Chicago, Las Vegas, Toronto, Florida, Hawaii and New York in 2015. Data was stolen, his company covered it up, failed to notify customers, ignored recommendations on how to fix it, and so were subsequently hacked again, with Trump ultimately having to pay a big fine.

He’s the ‘friend of labor’ who knowingly built his namesake Trump Tower with undocumented foreign construction workers who were treated so badly that they sued and won on the grounds of unsafe working conditions. They were paid $5 an hour when they were paid at all. Said the Judge, “They were off the books. No taxes of any kind were paid.”

He’s a ‘self-made millionaire’, who started out with millions from his father, and who bailed him out financially a couple of times with millions more, and still his businesses had to declare bankruptcy 4 times.

He’s a ‘straight talker’ despite the fact that fact-checking websites say he lies in excess of 75% of the time.

He’s the commander-in-chief wannabe who flip-flops weekly on whether to send troops into the Mideast, who is not sure if Russia is in the Ukraine or not, who claims to know more than the generals, insults gold star moms, insults living heroes, and cheats veteran’s charities out of money.

He’s a ‘man of the people’, who criticizes mothers and wants their noisy babies thrown out of rallies.

He’s the ‘champion of the middle-class’ who believes that American wages are too high, while many of his products are made in China, Bangladesh, Honduras, Vietnam, South Korea, India, and elsewhere.

He’s the ‘job creator’ who is going to bring jobs back to the US, yet hasn’t brought any of his own companies’ manufacturing of clothing or anything else back to the US.

He’s the ‘sympathetic’ man who mocked a physically disabled reporter.
He’s the ‘law and order candidate’ who incites supporters to physically attack protesters and offers to pay the legal bills of violent supporters.

He’s the ‘compassionate conservative’ who thinks women should be punished for getting an abortion even if they were raped. And he relishes telling people they’re fired.

He’s the ‘foreign policy expert’ who gets his experience from watching the Sunday Morning shows, and too dumb to know that a ruthless dictator (Putin) that represses his people is not “good leadership”.

He’s the ‘tactful politician’ who calls people, fat, ugly, and stupid — especially women. But if they are attractive then he asserts that their menstrual periods cause them to ask him tough questions. But claims he will be a great role model for children. No, Mr. Trump…not only are you unfit to be president you are unfit for our children [I turn the channel because I never know what this loose cannon will say while my kids are watching].

He wants to lead the free world that proclaims, “Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free and you’ll have a right to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness”…except for Muslims.

He’s the ‘protector of seniors’ who has said Social Security is a Ponzi scheme and wants to cut it, Medicare, and Medicaid.

He’s a ‘family values kind of guy’ who brags about groping women’s pus$y, trying to fcuk another man’s wife, has been married 3 times, with the first divorce decree including a gag order on his ex-wife (the one accusing him of rape) in exchange for a big pile of cash. And while married to his current (third) wife he said his daughter is so hot that if she wasn’t his daughter they would be dating (creepy). Worse yet, the bastard told Howard Stern it was okay to refer to his daughter Ivanka as “a piece of ass”.

He’ll uphold the dignity of the office of the President of the United States, except on those days when he tries to convince America that he doesn’t have a small penis, as he did during the nationally televised debates while some of our children were watching.

He’s a man who ‘sacrifices for his country’ who believes building his empire to feed his greed and ego is akin to dying in battle or losing a child who died in battle.

He’s the tough-talking guy who got a medical draft deferment for a terribly painful bone spur, but he can’t remember which foot it was on.

He ‘leads’ on important issues of the day as evidenced by his claim that no one was talking about immigration until he brought it up even though the rest of the country has been talking about it for decades. His ‘leadership’ on the issue was to marry his 3rd wife, a foreign women who was working in this country for a year before she received a Visa.

He’s the ‘bulwark against Wall St’ who said he was financing his own campaign who has hired a former Goldman Sachs banker to head his fundraising efforts, including outreach to billionaire hedge fund managers.

He’s a ‘level-headed guy’ who read a story in the National Enquirer and is now concerned that Senator Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the JFK assassination. And he’s re-tweeted grossly false racist statistics from a fake organization, excusing himself later by saying he doesn’t start rumors, he just spreads them.

He’s the ‘protector of ordinary citizens’ who has flip-flopped on the assault weapons ban and guns in the classroom within just a few days.

He’s the ‘lover of Israel’ who said to the Republican Jewish Coalition, “I’m a negotiator like you folks”.

He’ll protect the entire globe, although he believes global climate change is a hoax, while at the same time seeking government funding to help combat the effects climate change at one of his golf courses…which makes him either a liar or a fraud.

He’s an ‘honest guy’ with a fake university. Heck, He’s not even legally allowed to call it a university as it doesn’t have the proper credentials and he’s being sued because the curriculum was a sham.

He’s the ‘lover of all people’ who thinks the judge of Hispanic descent can’t be impartial in the lawsuit regarding the “University” just mentioned.

He’s the ‘great thinker’ who said that if all the drunken revelers in the Orlando nightclub shooting had been armed, things would have gone much better.

He seeks to be the leader of the free world who is eager to torture, kill the mothers and children of our enemy, and try US citizens at military tribunals in Guantanamo Bay Cuba.

He’s the ‘lover of Democracy’ who has suggested that his political opponent be jailed now, or be shot if elected.

He’s the ‘lover of the free press as long as they say “nice” things about him. But when they report “facts”’ they are part of a conspiracy of a “rigged system”.

He’s the guy so sharp on his feet that during a debate he pitifully asks viewers to call Sean Hannity of Fox News when he got caught in a lie from not knowing his facts because he doesn’t like to study and read.

He’s the tough talking coward that spends nearly a year and half telling his supporters he will “make” Mexico pay for a wall but when face-to-face with the Mexican president never mentions payment of the wall and goes silent when the Mexican president confronts him that Mexico will not, under any circumstances, pay for a wall.

He’s the Peeping Tom and Sexual Predator that brags about walking in on young (barely legal) nude beauty pageant contestants because “I own the pageant”. He boasts to Howard Stern about “banging” 18 year old contestants as “it’s my duty as the owner”. God only knows how many of those young girls he took advantage of…”grabbing pu$sy” and “doing anything” as he eludes to in video and radio. Now ask yourself, would you want your young daughter alone around Donald Trump? (google “upcoming Trump rape case involving 13 year old girl”).

Pure and simple, Donald J Trump is a disgrace and will “Make America” the laughing stock of the world.

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  • Konrad Schmidt

    The question itself was not answered; but the author does provide a litany of justifications for considering Trump as the most disgusting American public figure alive today.

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