Legalized theft

by Richard Pressl @ Flexible Reality – Oct 10th, 2017

Note: It’s past time for consumers to fight back against the theft of assets from them by organizations that purport to provide services equitably – but who frequently employ countless scams to steal from their customers. Here are some of the ways theft from the Commons occurs:


Bank NSF Fees:

Airline Baggage Fees:

Utility Deposits & Late Payment Fees:

Credit Card Interest Rates:

Savings Account Fees, Penalties & Interest:

ISP Modem Fee:

Ad Valorem Taxes on Vehicle Transfers:

Pre-Authorized & Lapsed Automated Debits:

Tax abatement given to select entities but financed with public funds

Civil forfeiture

Restaurant Corkage Fees

Unauthorized sale of customer data

EULA’s & cyber perfidy

Public – Private Partnerships

Deductibles & Extravagant Co-pays

eBay & Craigslist scams

Nickel & Dime charges




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