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Relevant: Houston is sinking. Has been for decades. As much as 2 inches a year. Some areas as much as 4 feet since 1975.

First in a series Cracked foundations, uneven sidewalks and shifted floorboards are often telltale signs of subsidence, residents said. Over the years, Texas lawmakers enacted bills to create subsidence or water conservation districts in counties that…
Richard Pressl Just looked at the typographic maps of the Houston area-
where the median height of the land above sea-level is 50 feet, and geologically much of the land area is paved swampland. ..
Mary Remar I think Propublica has been nothing but a problem today and needs to exercise some discernment.
Alicia D. Fagan Um, this is from the Houston Chronicle. If you’re real and you read.
Mary Remar This messaging is heavily politicized and not helpful.
Kathleen Lake Mary … hardly. ProPublica is one of our nation’s most respected and award winning news groups.
Mary Remar Then follow their lead.
Alicia D. Fagan Mary Remar I don’t know what that means or why it’s a legitimate criticism. People all over the country, and likely the world, are interested in knowing why Houston’s flooding problem is so bad.
Mary Remar Look I’ve infollowed them. So, as far as I’m concerned they can say whatever they want.
Becky Smith Good article.
Alex Wasniewski What an odd objection. There’s literally nothing political whatsoever in stating facts. If it feels political, perhaps it wasn’t a good idea for most of one political party to wrap themselves in anti-intellectual and anti-science positions for the last several decades.
Mary Remar Or the other party to over intellectualize every point even while it is playing out. Same behavior difference sides. Both sides playing to extreme paranoia.
Krista Behymer When did facts and science become political? Locally they have enacted water conservation areas to combat the problem, so it’s widely recognized. Knowledge is power. Stop being ridiculous.

Carey Johnson I lived near Baytown during the 1970s. Subsidence was real and heavily discussed at the time. What possible objection do you have to it being discussed?
Alicia D. Fagan Mary Remar what paranoia on “both sides?” No one but you said the facts here were “politicized.”
John Albertini Mary Remar The environment and our living in it and destruction of it IS political! The people need to be informed / educated and demand their elected officials enact prudent and safe measures to protect it.
Dave Huntsman Mary Remar ‘Both sides playing to extreme paranoia”?? That’a not factual; nor would I think you could give a factual example to show that. There’s no equivalence here.
Margaret Villanueva Mary Remar what is the problem with you people?
Houston is sinking which explains the extent of flooding. You don’t want to know that??
Mary Remar You guys are the same regional locals that half run for office on the Democratic ticket. Lots of observation but no solutions.
Mary Remar Crap. Sorry. I turned off notifications for this and can still hear you. Bummer. Guys. We are underwater and our city plumbing still works and the electricity is on. Grow up and go out there and help someone this week. Save this conversation for next week. I hope you all can move along now.
Margaret Villanueva Alicia D. Fagan
Yes, just “wow”!
Mary Remar Lol. This is why Republicans win in Texas.
Margaret Villanueva Alex Wasniewski
No use. I was shot down by so many yesterday for mentioning science and infrastructure when the only permissible Texas answer was “Pray” or “ask God to save us”. And that wasn’t even mentioning climate change!!
Margaret Villanueva Carey Johnson
They HATE science and think that policy on infrastructure is “political”.
Harvey is exposing the level of ignorance. Frightening apart from the storm itself!
Margaret Villanueva Krista Behymer
How will the USA survive these levels of ignorance?
Todd Buhnerkemper I think the 20+ inches of rain in 48 hours may have something to do with it?
Margaret Villanueva Mary Remar
Yes, solutions are the directions to go. But first, understand what the problem is… Address the real problem rather than acting in an ideological agenda. The difference between Republicans & Democrats right there!
Margaret Villanueva Mary Remar
What is the reason? That GOP refuses to deal with science & facts? I’m not in TX but a family member does look at education issues to improve K-12 in TX.
Krista Behymer Mary Remar “Lol. This is why Republicans win in Texas.” Oh dear. Aaand you’re under water.
Margaret Villanueva Alex Wasniewski
Apparently. Makes sense if you are trapped in the flood but what looks great from here is the way neighbors are helping neighbors? See More
Steve Barker LOL Republicans win in Texas for the same reasons they win most other places: gerrymandering, and ignorance.
Richard Pressl So Mary Remar -believes- speaking the inconvenient truths must be done on a gentile, compassionate schedule…of her choosing. Building in flood plains or swampland whether it’s in New Orleans, Houston, Bangladesh, or along most U.S. coasts must only be spoken of when no one is in immediate danger. Well guess what Mary….these areas are ALL in immediate danger right now and no amount of pussy-footing around the edges will make future outcomes any better without drastic changes. In fact, it is precisely during times of stress when these topics have a chance of being addressed at all by a society that wastes its time and resources on foolishness !!
Terri Mitchell Interesting article. It’s actually helpful to know that they are aware of the problem and have been working on it. Every city — especially but not exclusively on the coast — is going to be experiencing similar problems. Now is not the time to be rescinding water quality and flood-zone regulations, but to be doubling down.
May Pearl Houston was built on a swamp. And under all that concrete it’s still a swamp. There is no drainage. There are buildings on every square inch. All Houston can do is flood. It’s been flooding for years and it didn’t take a genius to know that a day like this would come.
Susan Caba From the article, about why this is happening and why flooding in Houston will only get worse: “There is little mystery to why this is happening: The developing region draws an excessive amount of groundwater to keep itself quenched. Over the last cenSee More
Eric G. Swanson Good reporting, but your numbers are weird. Two inches per year since 1975 would be eighty-four inches, which is way more than the four feet that you also use as an “as much as” upper limit. Just sayin’
David Martin Florida has a big subsidence problem in the Everglades Agricultural area, but that’s rural, and the problem is mainly that the muck farmlands will eventually run out of organic soil. There’s similar problems in the Netherlands and England. The Houston area has taken some effective measures to deal with subsidence, but it makes flood management all the more complex.
Dave Flegel A trend much? New Orleans, Miami, and Houston? One of the reasons they are at such risk.
This is also true of places like Sacramento.
Holly Chambers DON’T FEED THE TROLL Ms. Remar, however tempting it may be. Responding directly just pushes her comment up. Instead, make your own comment on the value of having this information. Personally, I think knowing more about a factor like this can help solve problems.
Valerie T. Hutchinson-Morgan Florida is in trouble too … we’ve seen beach erosion, damage to the coral reefs.
Also seen flooding from hurricanes.  We have to make taking care of the environment on this planet a priority.See More
Danny Shaw The Dutch are going to rule the world again…
Sierra Pham Thank you ProPublica for the great reporting.
Jeff Manderstrom Sounds like Miami
Carole Hilton Adams Tell no tales, I will tell no lies. Houston has water issues. I know it, we know it, Propublica knows it. Don’t shoot the messenger. WAKE UP!
Zoe Denver Low coastal areas will be flooded at increasing levels — time we admit that and be proactive
Heather Wright Stop replying or responding to trolls, it bumps them up and the Russian bots win…again.
Lori Holder-Webb There is an excellent documentary online about the Brownwood subdivision:
Kathleen Roche Headshake and eyeroll on this. How blind can humans be or just in denial?
Kathie Walker Any chance we can conjure up a hurricane over Mar a Lago….throw a tornado in there too. Advance warning so the employees can leave. I wish…I wish..
Barbara Lockwood There was land subsidence when I lived in Houston 1970s, flooding too.
Alison Cichanski Gee… they sucked out how many cubic feet of crude oil then built on top and wonder why they are sinking…..
Tobby Olumba Thanks ProPublica
D’Anne Graham Same problem in Honolulu
Christine Neuffer worth a read wonks
Michelle Thibodeau Pearson That’s what happens when you build on wetlands.

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